Technology Working as a Crusader for Quality Credit Unions Member Experience

Quality Credit Unions Member Experience

“My agent handles calls sincerely; he never gives fake info to any of the members. Still, members don’t find trust in us, and neither my agent seems happy. We have growing pressure and declining revenue.” Can you relate to these statements for your credit union business?

Trust is the lifeline of credit unions that cannot be built in a day. In addition to agent training, you need to have best-in-class contact center technologies to create an exceptional member experience. Let’s see how technology will affect your credit union agent experience and member journey.

  1. More calls in a day

Long queues can be a thing of the past with advanced contact center software. For instance, unified agent desktops offer a single pane of glass view of customer information to the agent even before answering the call. So, agents are prepared to handle calls more efficiently with relevant details displayed on their screens. He is updated about caller details, purchases, or interactions in advance. Also, customers can deliver a personalized experience to the members with improved FCR and AHT, a caller is not required to wait for hours and repetitively ask for information from the members

For members, interacting with informed agents is bliss. Being addressed by their first name over a call is a delight for them. With knowledgeable agents, members’ issues are resolved at the earliest, and don’t have to be on call for long. They don’t feel like a stranger. Also, there is no more frustration of being put on hold or fear of misguidance.

  1. Knowledgebase to grow financial knowledge

Since members are investing their hard-earned money, they look forward to interacting with knowledgeable agents. This makes it imperative for your business to have an updated knowledge base. So, how does Knowledge Base, benefit agents? With this, agents are more informed about each of the credit union products, processes, and more. They have instant access to information. Agents can even share the required articles from this universe of knowledge with callers. This induces confidence within agents to guide the members most appropriately.

Whereas, members can enhance their financial knowledge with informed agents. This again strengthens the trust of members when investing money in the credit union. They are likely to share such insightful discussions or experiences with others, building a good repo for the business.

  1. Real-time guidance and monitoring

A supervisor desktop is another amazing solution that boosts agent performance. With the supervisor desktop in place, the agent’s call quality can be monitored along with live barge-in, skill routing, and more. This assures optimum call quality and clarity of subject to the caller. Further helping supervisors to identify which agent needs that training.

Here, the members are benefitted from apt replies instantly. Else, wrong information passed by an inefficient agent can be misguiding for the caller and break the trust. Also, the supervisor barge-in makes the member feel important and valued without killing much time over a call.

  1. Self-service to the rescue

Self-service or improved IVR plays a crucial role in improving member and agent experience at a credit union. So, a credit union-specific agent desktop can enable the agent to have a screen switch according to IVR variables for better resolution and guidance. Also, systematically framed IVR can help members resolve their queries on their own, and benefit agents who have reduced call volume.

Whereas, the members are benefited from the self-service feature of IVR that saves them from waiting for agents to talk. A good IVR script can help members resolve their queries majorly on their own. Such things help create a positive image of the business in front of the caller.

  1. Consistency is the key

Members from the business always wish for consistency in terms of script and support as they are investing their hard-earned money with you. Here, the agent scripting tool helps agents on being consistent throughout the call and guides them on what will be communicated next. Scripting tool offers a series of guided dynamic scripts that can be anytime optimized as per your business requirement. Refined scripts can make the newbie handle calls like a pro.

A consistent conversation makes the member feel happy with the interaction happening. It turns out to be a valuable conversation for the caller and proper utilization of time. Member never feels odd while talking to any of the agents at the credit union.

In addition to the above-mentioned contact center technology benefits and features,

  • Ticketing Gadget to resolve queries and update the status of a ticket when on a call, assuring members with resolutions.

  • Avoid being overly cautious that leads to unwanted errors

  • A website with chatbots to guide the member when scrolling the website. This will further reduce the number of calls to agents and have an instant solution.

NovelVox offers Credit Union Unity packaged solutions for credit unions to cater to the agent and member experience. From ready integration of contact center solutions with Symitar, FIS, and Fiserv to customized agent and supervisor desktops, credit Union Unity has everything to boost your business and grow members’ trust. This tailored solution has plan variants to suit your business needs.

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