5 Ways to Deploy Conversational AI Software to Boost Customer Engagement

Conversational AI Software

Over the past few years, customer experience has become the only sustainable factor for competitive differentiation. According to walker study, exceptional customer experience overtook price and product. How you interact or engage with your customers, how quickly you listen to their complaints, how quickly you solve their complaints all these factors set you apart from others in your customers’ eyes.

If you are looking forward to improving your customer engagement through an automated approach, then Conversational AI is the one stop solution for you.

Along with the customer engagement, Conversational AI plays a dominant role in retaining customers and acquiring new customers. “According to Gartner, the conversational AI market is expected to exceed $15.7 billion annually by 2024.”

We, at NovelVox, will help you learn about the amalgamation of conversational artificial intelligence and customer service. Let’s identify the problems in traditional customer service methods and how they hamper the growth and revenue of businesses.

What is Conversational AI?

Conversational AI or Conversational Artificial Intelligence is a technology that facilitates humans to interact with computers. Conversational AI is effectively used for customer service. Various industry verticals including healthcare, retail, banking, insurance, and more use Conversational AI in two different ways – online chatbots (bots) and voice assistants (VAs) to humanize the 24X7 support system.

Impact of Conversational AI in Customer Engagement.

Compound Annual Growth Rate

Companies can enhance their Net Promoter Scores by introducing Conversational AI and making the best use of it by offering consistent and high-quality services to their customers. Organizations can significantly increase their conversion rates when using Conversational AI in the sales process.

5 Effective Ways to Use Conversational AI software to Boost Customer Engagement

Along with the customers their expectations are also evolving with the time. The best way to know and fulfill the expectations of your customers is customer engagement. Nowadays, conversational AI has become a key player in customer engagement. It not only automates the customer interaction but also provides result-driven insights into customer expectations. And ease and effectiveness in customer engagement is dependent on how you deploy Conversational AI. Let’s explore 5 effective ways to use Conversational AI to boost customer engagement.

Conversational AI Software to boost Customer Engagement

1. To Deliver Consistent Omnichannel Support

According to Harvard Business Review, “73% of customers prefer multiple channels during their purchase journey.” Earlier businesses follow conventional approaches where they focus on an individual’s experience but with an omnichannel approach your whole focus is on the entire customer experience. For your customers, Omnichannel support means being a business, you should be available on all possible digital touchpoints including live chat, chatbot, and digital assistant like Alexa.

Conversational AI plays a crucial role in scaling your omnichannel strategies. How?

Conversational AI enables you to measure the changing needs, preferences, and customer journey with the passage of time. Based on these insights you can create customer roadmaps to identify the gaps and close them by delivering excellent omnichannel experience.

2. To Respond Customers Faster

According to HubSpot, 82% of customers expect faster response to the queries. Providing quick resolutions to the customer queries is the most tangible way to improve the customer experience. Conversational AI capabilities help you to proactively connect with your customers to listen to their queries and address them to improve their experience.

To ensure timely responses to customers, businesses have started leveraging AI-powered chatbots. These chatbots stimulate human conversations through NLP (natural language processing). It automates the replies according to patterns and inputs based on experience and new situations. AI Conversational capabilities enable you to not only ensure real-time response and 24x7x365 support but also streamline queries resolution process.

3. To Expand Social Media Outreach

Conversational AI plays a game-changer role in the social media world as it ensures long-term success and growth. It also streamlines your social media campaign and enables you create, manage, distribute and automate the schedule of your social media post. Apart from this, AI in social media also helps you to accurately plan for your social media advertising campaign. AI-powered chatbots facilitate businesses to augment their social presence. Moreover, a quick chatbot helps companies to improve customer interaction on social media channels. Conversational AI technology has not only made social media a query solving place but also a customer engagement platform where businesses can deliver personalized content and elevate customer outreach.

4. To Boost Lead Generation

Having leads is good but it is important to check the quality of leads because the generated leads can be spam or may be unsuitable. Conversational AI provides automated lead qualification that ensures cost-effectiveness and efficiency to your sales team. You can set up a voice bot or chatbot where you can constructively ask qualified questions and record responses.

5. To Repeat Sales with Hyper-personalized Marketing

According to Adobe, “52% of consumers would pay more for a speedy and hyper-personalized customer experience.”

Personalization has become a key brand differentiator in fact in the coming years, price and product will be overtaken by personalized experience. Hyper-personalization approach enables you as a brand to understand customers, their preferences and requirements. Conversational AI solutions enable you to capture customer data through feedback or customer interaction on chatbot and transform pattern data into meaningful insights. Furthermore, it helps you to create a hyper-personalized content experience according to different personas.

Why Choose NovelVox as Conversational AI Software?

This symbiosis of machine efficiency and human expertise is the key to make conversational AI the most powerful tool of today’s era for automating customer interactions. At NovelVox, we bring together dedicated expertise in technology platforms and keep customer Experience in the core focus area. We have industry expertise and follow a human-first approach to design effective Conversational AI. Our Analytics and Cognitive practice gives NovelVox the capability to create more intelligent conversational experiences that deliver greater cost savings and customer outcomes over time.

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