MS Dynamics CTI Connector

Deliver Exceptional Agent and Customer Experience with MS Dynamic CTI Connector.

MS Dynamics CTI Connector


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Elevate Caller Experience

Deliver personalized experience by knowing the caller even before the call starts. Unified view of caller details along with history to deliver exceptional customer experience with Dynamic 365 connector.
MS Dynamics CTI Connector
MS Dynamics CTI Connector

Boost Agent Productivity

Improve agent performance with MS Dynamic 365 connector. Improve agent performance with embedded call controls and dynamics 365 telephony integration.

Advance monitoring capabilities

Empower the supervisors with agent monitoring tools and actions to boost productivity. With MS Dynamic 365 connector, benefit the supervisor with next-level monitoring capabilities.
MS Dynamics CTI Connector
Dynamics CTI Connector

Taper down call handling time

Direct agents’’ energies completely towards customer handling to boost performance. With MS Dynamic 365 connector, agent is equipped with all customer information before attending the call.

Improve efficiency

Upshoot agent’s performance by empowering them with integrated MS Dynamic 365 connector. Save time of both, customers and agents with quick call resolution features.
Dynamics CTI Connector

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