Zendesk CTI Connector

Elevate Agent Productivity and Enhance customer experience with Zendesk CTI Connector.

Zendesk CTI Connector


Years of Expertise


Deployments in 18+ Countries


Retention Ratio

Enhance Customer Experience

Delight your customers by greeting them with their first names. Give your agents a unified view of caller details and call controls on one screen to offer a personalized customer experience.
Zendesk CTI Connector
Zendesk CTI Connector

Improve Agent Productivity

Empower your agents with an integrated platform offering advanced, not just basic, call controls and Zendesk capabilities altogether at one place.

Boost Supervisor Monitoring Capabilities

Maximize supervisor capabilities by providing them with advanced monitoring tools and actions. With Zendesk Connector, supervisors can easily make agents ready, not-ready, logout, and more basis the requirements.
Zendesk CTI Connector
Zendesk CTI Connector

Reduce Average Handling Time

This easy-to-customize, single sign-on, and integrated Zendesk CTI gives your agents the ability to resolve calls faster. The seamless Zednesk CRM CTI integration results in lower AHT and FCR, thereby improving productivity.

Enhance efficiency

Zendesk CTI connector makes your agents more efficient by letting them dial contacts quickly, log calls instantly, add call notes rapidly, and more.
Zendesk CTI Connector

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