Differentiated Experience for Members of Credit Union Contact Centers

Provide Delightful Member Experience, Increase Loyalty, and Empower Agents

Credit union

Improved Support for Credit Union Members

Provide experiential service

NovelVox’s Credit Union Unity solution for credit unions enables personalized experience for their
members across multiple channels. With integration and automation for the backend systems and
telephony, the credit union agents can handle high call volume and address issues, enabling a 360-
degree view of member information. The Unified Agent Desktops, Supervisors Desktops, and Wallboards
for credit unions equip agents and supervisors to deliver customized services and achieve optimum performance

Unified Agent Desktops

Agent Desktop has ready integration with third-party applications. It is optimized for each credit union to deliver a personalized member experience and saves time for the member and the agent

Screen Pop

With the Screen Pop core system, member information pops up even before the agent answers the call, avoiding unnecessary toggling of screens

Mobile Dashboard

A mobile dashboard for real-time monitoring ensures the contact center meets its KPIs

Supervisor Desktop

Drive smooth contact center operations by monitoring performance in real-time


iVision Wallboard is an interactive wallboard for credit union contact centers, providing valuable inputs to agents so they can optimize their performance. It gives supervisors a unified view to monitor their agent’s performance and offers prompts to intervene when required

Historical Reporting

Maximize the value of your contact center metrics through insightful historical reports and dashboards. Edit, Execute, Enable, Disable, and schedule reports in one click

Credit Union-focused AI Tools

AI Capabilities for a Better Member

Empower agents to provide fast, accurate and trustworthy service

Intelligent Chatbots and Voicebots

Powered by Conversational AI and intelligent capabilities like chatbots and voicebots, members get instant and reliable support.

Natural, Human-like Interactions

Leveraging Natural Language Processing (NLP) in tools to make conversation flow naturally between virtual agents and members.

Easy Conversations and Transitions

Members converse easily with bots, and complex queries are transferred to human agents.

Agent Assist

With an integrated knowledge base and pre-defined inputs, the bots respond with the most appropriate response and provide helpful suggestions.

Cognitive Search

Accurate searches and faster response with less hold time.

Email Assist

With templates and automated settings, Email Assist saves time and makes member interactions and case processing faster.

CXInfinity for Credit Unions

Drive Member Satisfaction with CXInfinity

Multi-channel Support

Keep the conversation open anytime, on any channel. It works across multiple digital channels, whether Webchat, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, email, text message, voice, or video chat

Personalized Service

Every time a member calls, the agent has the required information, calls the member by name, has context during the conservation, and upsells or cross-sells

Quick Resolutions

With the caller’s details and past interaction history on hand, the agents can resolve calls faster, lowering hold time

Monitor Performance and Improve Experience

Collaborating through the supervisor desktop, supervisors can manage and monitor agent performance for improved member experience

Cost Savings

Saves up to 30% operational costs by reducing your Average Handling Time (AHT) and improving First Call Resolution (FCR)

Leverage CXInfinity for Multiple Use Cases

Seamless Omnichannel Engagement

Connect and Engage with
Members on their Channels

Expand your contact center capabilities with live chat, messaging, and social — and bridge the gap between your center and the members

Web chat and in-app

Real time conversations through an easy interface

Social conversations

Drive greater satisfaction and loyalty

Voice and video chat

Personalized interactions, delighted customers

Text messaging

Expedite support and boost operational efficiency


Offer live assistance to speed up resolutions

Smart Tools

One System for Case Resolution, Performance Management, Monitoring and Reporting

NovelVox leverages Artificial Intelligence-powered intuitive tools to help credit unions earn member loyalty. NovelVox’s Credit Union Unity is customized and specific to the industry’s needs.

People-assisted and Automated

A Robust Contact Center Infrastructure
Delivering an Omnichannel Customer

NovelVox improves the automatic call distribution (ACD) capability for Aspect, Avaya, Cisco,
Genesys, Interactive Intelligence, or Unify contact centers with a solution that is much
simpler to implement and scale. Voice, email, instant messaging, web chat, social media,
video, and mobile applications are among the channels for engagement that use both
human agents and technologies.

Digital Omnichannel Member Engagement Platform

Engage with members across multiple channels seamlessly and provide full service to members


The NovelVox’s Credit Union Unity suite meets specific needs of credit union contact centers, including workflows and integrations


Manage all channels over a unified interface through a powerful Agent and Supervisor

Customized for Credit Unions

Capabilities and Technologies Built
for Credit Union Contact Centers

NovelVox’s Credit Union Unity solutions help credit unions meet the members' demands, providing personalized services. Based on the solution plan, it has ready integration with Cisco Finesse, Avaya and Jack Henry Associate, Symitar / FIS / Fiserv

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