Unified Agent Desktop for Retail

NovelVox’s Unified Agent Desktop for retail industry provides one-of-a-kind customized agent experience. It provides a unified view of the customer information like customer details, warranty status, recent purchases, tickets along with product details like pricing, stock available in stores, offers running, service center details and more. The agents can now serve the customer queries in no time with all information handy on a single screen view. The agent screen dynamically changes based on the IVR reason code allowing the agent to proactively handle the calls.

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Supervisor Desktop for Retail

NovelVox Supervisor Desktop lets supervisors in retail contact centers to monitor their agents in real-time and view the contact center performance. Supervisors are able to view their agent’s status—whether they are on call, active, available, unavailable etc. This enables supervisors to delegate the workload accordingly without any delay and make informed decisions. This helps in meeting the business requirements and the set KPIs.

iVision Wallboards for Retail

iVision Wallboards assists contact center professionals in the retail industry to get real-time information and statistics of the overall team and individual performance. Contact center professionals will be able to create specific wallboard content and metrics relevant to the retail industry like product availability, store wise product availability, etc. This helps in enhancing the contact center process and creates a competitive environment which motivates the agents to deliver better results in less time.

Why NovelVox for Retail?

NovelVox provides retail-specific contact center solutions to some of the biggest retail stores in the business. Our customized solutions for retail industry provide the contact center agents with a unified view of the customer details like recent purchase history, tickets etc., which enables the agent to provide proactive support to the customer, thereby enhancing the agent-customer experience.

Features of Unified Agent Desktop for Retail

  • Connect to your entire database, services, CRMs or any 3rd party applications
  • Empower contact center agents by providing them with all data and services on one desktop
  • Agents do not need to switch screens to access customer information from a 3rd party application.
  • Get customized unique desktops catering to the particular department’s needs and requirements
  • Be able to handle large volumes of work or queries that come in with ease and without compromising on the quality
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