Unified Agent Desktop for Insurance

NovelVox’s Unified Agent Desktop for Insurance companies offers ready integration of Cisco Finesse, Avaya & Genesys contact centers with other 3rd party applications including CRM, ticketing or any other internal database. The agent desktops are optimized per each business needs, for example, you can set up campaigns to inform all callers who have policy renew due date within the next 3 months using a pop up on agent screen. These agent desktops integrated with IVR dynamically changes the screen based on IVR inputs which empower agents to handle calls more efficiently.

With easy Integration to

Supervisor Desktop for Insurance

NovelVox Supervisor Desktop for insurance provides supervisors with a ‘Bird’s-Eye View’ of contact center operations. It also enables them to perform real-time performance monitoring of contact center agents and ensure that all the set KPIs are met. With the help of Supervisor Desktop, supervisors are able to make informed decisions on resourcing, reskilling, deskilling etc.

iVision Wallboards for Insurance

Insurance iVision Wallboards will enable contact center professionals to view crucial information regarding industry like no. of new claims, approvals, authorizations, settlements etc. All these vital insurance related real-time stats and information are displayed on iVision Wallboard in an interactive design. This motivates agents and creates a competitive work environment.

Why NovelVox for Insurance?

NovelVox with over 10 years of expertise in providing contact center solutions to some of the biggest insurance firms in the world has been providing consistent industry-focused solutions in the insurance sector. Our products for the insurance contact center provide ready integration of Cisco Finesse, Avaya and Genesys with other 3rd party applications that you use—including ticketing, CRM or any other internal database.

Features of Unified Agent Desktop for Insurance

  • Customer information with medical and motor policy numbers
  • Update customer info record: Email, address, preferred language etc.
  • Integration with SMS Gateway and Email Server
  • Customer information. Supports single/multiple matches
  • Reimbursement management – initiating new claims, settlements, transaction history, approvals etc.
  • Store list of hospitals, embassy details, currency lists
  • Generate visit visa, acceptance letter, approval letters
  • Quick links with seamless integrations
  • Manage all claim/sub-claims (initiate new claims, approvals, authorizations, loss, rejection, settlement, progress etc.)
  • Customer survey after claim settlement
  • Manage customer motor policy
  • Manage customer information, policy schedule, policy statements, exclusions
  • Last X Calls
  • Customer survey and Net Promoter Score
  • Policy notes
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