Digitally Transform your Cisco Contact Center

Scale Up your Current Infrastructure and Amplify Contact Center ROI with Cisco Finesse UCCE, UCCX, PCCE, UCM and Webex CC

Seamless Upgrade, Minimal Friction

Digital Engagement

Offer the best engagement and support with a range of digital messaging tools.

Conversational AI

Engage in warm, natural, automated conversations that impress and delight customers.

Integration and Unification

Connect with audiences across any channel from just one window.

Intuitive Tools for Agents

Boost Agent Performance and Productivity
with Rich Suite of Tools

Leverage intuitive workflow tools and useful resources to maintain high workforce productivity, efficiency
and profitability. Improve agent experiences to ensure peak performance, create happy customers, and
garner great business results.

Unified Agent Desktop

Single, all-in-one desktop with multiple applications and seamless interaction flows from a single interface.

Agent Scripting

Standardize customer communications, and ensure that agents can easily handle different kinds of interactions.

Agent Dashboard

Agent Dashboard

Interactive Agent Dashboard offering a unified view of key performance KPIs for keeping agents engaged and motivated all the time.

CRM Connectors

Simple way to manage more customer interactions faster and more efficiently.


Knowledge Base

Equip agents with the information they need to create happy customers in fewer interactions.


Case Management

Quickly raise, resolve or transfer cases without losing conversational context, or wasting unnecessary time.

Real-time Supervisor, Reporting and Monitoring Tools

Aim for Top-notch Performance
and Address Gaps Quickly

Historical Reporting

Evaluate historical data, and make informed decisions to drive better customer experiences and improve business outcomes.

Real-time Monitoring

Monitor agent performance in real-time, and proactively address areas of improvement.

Supervisor Desktop

Single interface that displays real-time data to monitor and optimize agent performance.

Agent Dashboard

An intuitive, visual interface that displays key metrics so agents can take charge of their own performance.


Automate Conversations at scale for a wide range of Use Cases

Deliver personalized, meaningful experiences with a Conversational AI-powered Cisco contact center. Leverage intelligent voice and chatbots to enhance digital engagement for Level 1 queries. Integrate all the tools you need to connect with customers and scale up your Cisco contact center without increasing costs
Designed for On-prem & Cloud Cisco Contact Centers

Boost Conversions, Lift Sales and Increase Profits with Cisco-specific Solutions

Unlock the possibilities of rich customer experiences and improved financial performance – with NovelVox. Implement unified, omnichannel communications to deliver quality service, raise performance and efficiency, and even exceed customer expectations – while lowering operational costs.
Seamless Digital Engagement

Augment Your Cisco Capabilities and Enhance End-to-end Customer Journeys

Add the power of digital channels to your contact center. Get an in-depth view of customer journeys, and support them at every stage. Garner their long-term loyalty and support with the digital toolset from NovelVox – specifically designed for Cisco contact centers.

Web chat and in-app

Real time conversations through an easy interface

Social conversations

Drive greater satisfaction and loyalty

Voice and video chat

Personalized interactions, delighted customers

Text messaging

Expedite support and boost operational efficiency


Offer live assistance to speed up resolutions

NovelVox AI and NLP

Transform Customer Experiences
to Garner Brand Loyalty at Scale

NovelVox brings powerful AI and NLP capabilities to automate customer conversations at scale – without losing the human touch. Engage with customers in ways they prefer, and see the impact on their experiences, and ultimately on their loyalty to your brand.


Set up smart omnichannel chatbots that engage in human-like conversations, and deliver quick resolutions to Level 1 queries.

Cognitive Search

Analyze and understand user search queries, and deliver a contextually-relevant response.

Email Assist

Make the most of every email interaction with relevant answers, and minimal waiting time.

Ideal for On-prem & Cloud Cisco Contact Centers

Solutions Designed to Drive High Performance and Scalability at Minimal Cost

Increase first contact resolution, maintain a high uptime, and enhance customer satisfaction to ensure your contact center’s success. Do all this and more with your existing Cisco platform with best-of-breed solutions from NovelVox.

NovelVox tools seamlessly integrate with your Cisco platform, so you can get going quickly
Choose your deployment option based on business and customer needs
Single-box solution for speedy installation, and quick go-live
Define your own unique use case(s) and get started without complex coding or technical sleight-of-hand
Contact Center Solution for Cisco


Integrate with a Range of Business
Platforms and Tools for Exponential Results

Leverage dozens of third-party integrations to sync multiple business functions and eliminate sub-
optimal data silos. Get the right information at the right time from disparate data sources including CRM
and ERP platforms, financial applications, and ticketing tools.


Customizable Offerings Tailored to Meet the Need of
Multiple Industries

Banking & Finance

Credit Unions




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Banking & Finance

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