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Real time customer service for today‘s brands

80% of users agree that personalized live chat messages create a
better consumer experience

Boost Sales and Improve Customer Relationships
through Next-Gen Support

Drive real results with omnichannel conversational AI. Serve customers in real time, no
matter when and where they choose to contact you. Deliver world-class service at scale by
employing both human agents and InfiBOT.

Reduce caller wait
time by 80%

Reduce cost
by 40%

Automate 73% of
customer requests

Improve CSAT
by 28%

Design your customer journey with conversational AI

Leverage powerful AI Engines for your unique business needs

Use Google Dialogflow and IBM Watson integrations together with InfiBOT’s builder and designer to create the flow and look that are completely unique to your business.

Help where your customers need it with Omnichannel engagement

Solve issues and accept requests where your customer need it with InfiBOT’s omnichannel engagement.

Start conversations on any channel and continue them on any other channel seamlessly, without losing context. Manage all conversations in one place – no matter what channels your customers use.

Conversational AI

Create more human experiences
for customers and employees

Chat Bot

The right questions to uncover customers’ challenges, verify identity, provide accurate responses, and automatically route conversations to agents with advanced NLU.

Voice Bot

Increase accessibility and convenience with a responsive voice assistant that offers human-like interaction.

Sentiment analyzer

InfiBOT determines customer’s sentiment based on typed or spoken responses and selects empathetic answers that provide the best customer experience.

Context analyzer

InfiBOT continuously analyzes both user data and session data to provide relevant answers, and switches context effortlessly along with the customer.

Move beyond engagement, solve customers requests seamlessly with the right Integrations

Integrate your CRM or contact center, go-to industry tools and 3rd party platforms to have all customer data readily available.

Connect your knowledge base and enable your customers to self-serve and get answers instantly.

Design premium, engaging experiences that
Build Customer Loyalty

Show them you care.

Personalize conversations based on lead or customer data, browsing data, past interactions, CRM score and more.

Conversational AI

Deliver proactive service that truly wows.

Stay one step ahead! InfiBOT predicts what customers want to see before they know they want to see it and offers content and actions that help customers resolve issues and get to their goals faster. That’s customer assistance done right!

Go live faster

Save your IT resources! With InfiBOT enterprise grade deployment
methodology, you can build conversational AI and Go live faster.

Define your customer
journey and common user

Scale customer interactions across digital channels

Go live across channels
in no time

Enable hassle-free global support

Have Natural language conversations with customers across all major languages including English, French, Arabic, Spanish, German & more.

Create Seamless Experiences
across Customer Journey

Drive performance in each department with conversational AI

Automate and streamline all customer-facing activities without adding resources. Remove
silos and optimize data sharing to enable continuous customer experience across-
departments – securely.

Lead generation

Capture and convert more website visitors into leads. InfiBOT engages prospects based on their behavior on site and suggests next steps, helping you fill up the funnel for your sales team.



Engage, segment, and convert leads automatically with smart conversational AI. Qualify prospects via live chat, share information, book calls and enable sales without agent assistance.



Resolve customer requests in minutes. InfiBOT works for you 24/7 and handles a large volume of customer requests, both simple and complex, freeing up agents’ time to focus on critical tasks.


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“Will You Still Make Me Repeat My Story.”

Agent – “Hi, I am Niomi from XYZ company. How may I help you today”? Customer – My washing machine broke, need to get it repaired. Agent – Sure, sir,


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10 Great Insights from Contact Center Survey for Better Customer

The contact center is evolving rapidly in terms of technology, agent and customer experience. NovelVox being a contact center solution provider, believes in staying updated with contact center expectations and


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101 Guide to Call Center Agent Script

 “Good morning Mrs. Jenny, this is Emma calling from XYZ company. Can I have 5 minutes of your time……” Does this sound similar? Yes, the call center agent script it


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11 Ways to Minimize Contact Center Shrinkage

Is your contact center business showing a drip? Are customer complaints increasing every day? Or the number of calls on hold is growing like never before? It can be an


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15 Things For Reducing Average Handle Time

In a contact center, average handling time (AHT) is one of the key aspects to measure its overall performance. It provides insights into the contact center agent’s performance, and, also,


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15 Ways to Maximize Contact Center Agent Productivity

Creating a memorable customer experience is the end goal of every contact center. To achieve this, contact centers need a seamless amalgamation of technology and an agent’s efficiency. So, it


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3 Contact Center Solutions Must-Have in 2022

What if you got the powers to travel into the future? What’d you do? Explore different realms of the world? Well, Marvel movie characters are doing enough of that! A


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3 Ways to Boost FCR and Reduce Customer Churn

First Call Resolution (FCR) is said to be an indispensable factor for a contact center to measure and improve. It tells you how efficiently the agents handle the calls, how


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4 Compelling Ways Virtual Agents Boost Call Center Efficiency

For years, the term “virtual agent” was relegated to second-class status in the call center milieu. Since call center managers didn’t pay much attention to the concept, they didn’t really


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4 Integration Challenges for Modern Contact Centers

A few years ago, a contact center was considered a “non-strategic” part of an organization’s business operations – important but not mission-critical to its long-term goals. Over the past few


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16 Things to Consider when Selecting the Right Contact Center

Cost is no more the deciding factor for contact center software selection Contact center industry is undergoing numerous advancements that are targeted to achieve ever-rising customer expectations for a personalized


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25 Top Predictions for Contact Centers in 2020

Creating customer experience goes beyond using Contact Center Software When it comes to expectations from contact center industry, customer experience continues to be atop. Now the customer will not be


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40 Questions to Consider Before Buying a Contact Center Agent

Planning to buy or upgrade your Contact Center Agent Desktop? While getting ready to install new contact center agent desktops, there are a number of questions and doubts that you


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9 Steps Cheatsheet to Excel in WhatsApp Customer Engagement

Customer engagement needs to be transformed with time to meet the ever-evolving CX. The old school tricks and technology exist no more. With depletion in the customer base, it can


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Chatbots to the Rescue – Customer Experience Redefined

From regular conversations to seasonal rush, chatbots deal it well Adapting to the changing environment is necessary for survival, and the same goes for the customer experience (CX) industry. Businesses


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Checklist to build a Modern Digital Credit Union

Personalize and enhance member experience with top Credit Union contact center technologies Delivering a great member experience is not a piece of cake. It is a challenge even for Credit


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Dealing with Annoyed Customers: Turn Challenge into an Opportunity

Contact center solutions are powerful enough to make or break the customer experience You can imitate the best products but not the customer experience. And the present era is all


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Discover 10 Questions You Need To Ask Before Upgrading To

Boost real-time engagement across channels Customer engagement needs to be transformed with time to meet the ever-evolving CX. The old school tricks and technology exist no more. With depletion in


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Enhance Member Experience with Screen Pop & Agent Desktop for

Empowering your employees to create an exceptional member experience In the digital era, repeatedly identifying themselves to the Credit Union is highly frustrating for the members. This increases call handle


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Exploring Possibilities with CTI Connector Integrations

According to a study, 70% of customers do not favor repeating information to representatives each time. Whereas 60% of people consider long wait time is one of the most frustrating


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Adopting Right Digital Strategy to Transform Customer Service

The future of customer experience revolves around being digital-first and engaging over channels based on customer preference. However, will adopting channels like web chat, social media, instant messaging, text or


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Agent Desktop For Healthcare

Is your agent required to copy/paste patient phone number in EPIC every time to pull records in order to offer assistance in appointments or billing? Or are you managing any


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Arabic Agent Desktop and Wallboards

Arabized Unified Agent Desktop: Industry-specific unified agent desktop customized as per your unique business needs.


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Arabized Contact Center Solution with In-Built Gadgets-Webinar

According to a survey by Segment, 49% of buyers have made impulse purchases on receiving a personalized experience or response. And the lookout for similar experience is soaring numbers when


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Arabized iVision plus wallboard

Gone are the days when contact center wallboards used to be just an amalgamation of some numbers and plain English language only. It’s time to improvise and customize according to


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Artificial Intelligence in your Contact Center: Boost CX with Intelligent

A whopping 70% of customers report to have a positive chatbot experience and by 2025 it is expected that 85% of customer interaction will not need human agent. Is your


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Cisco ECE Integration & Interaction History Gadget by NovelVox

Cisco UCCE, PCCE customers can now drive the best results with Cisco Enterprise Chat & Email and NovelVox ECE Integration gadget. This gadget will empower your Cisco contact center agents


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Cisco Finesse Unified Mobile Agent

Expand your customer service network beyond the contact center floor to the field agents with the most advanced and integrated NovelVox Mobile Agent for Cisco Finesse Contact Centers. Now, your


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Convert Contact Center’s Real-time Data to Actionable Intelligence – Agent

Unleash the power of your contact center data and convert it into actionable intelligence to inspire smarter business decisions. Monitor real-time performance and motivate agents to provide an enhanced customer


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Credit Union Unity

Do your agents still need to switch screens multiple times while offering support to members over call? Do members still need to hold the call for long so that agent


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