Beyond Metrics: Using Contact Center Wallboards for Employee Motivation

Contact Center Wallboards

The ever-evolving industry of contact centers always prioritizes customer experience. Without second thoughts, CX remains the king. To keep the CX intact, it becomes vital for contact centers to monitor different metrics like first call resolution (FCR) and average handle time (AHT).

Apart from these metrics, it is crucial to keep an eye on analytics (real-time and historical) to implement desired strategies for keeping up with the pace that assures a smooth CX.

But, the abundance of information can easily bewilder contact center managers to identify which metric is more important or offers better insights. This is where Contact Center Wallboards come into the picture.

Leaf through the blog to figure out what is a wallboard, the benefits it offers, and key KPIs that contact center management should always keep an eye on. Let’s dive in!

Understanding A Contact Center Wallboard

Contact Center Wallboards are huge visual tools displaying real-time performance and contact center metrics. These statistics are essential for the management to implement strategies that upgrade the gross performance of agents and contact center management.

The statistics are usually displayed in the form of pie charts, bar graphs, notifications, etc., visible to the entire support staff. By displaying the real-time data, support staff gets motivated to perform better which contributes to a streamlined customer experience.

In other words, the wallboard gives a bird’s eye view of performance statistics across the contact center. It provides deeper insights into customer and agent behavior alike.

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Contact centers can easily customize wallboards as per their requirements and choose the metrics that the management wants to display. Let’s understand this with an example.

Industry Use Case of Wallboards

The emergency admission department of hospitals remains in a rush to offer immediate healthcare assistance to patients. To streamline communication with patients and staff, wallboards are used.

Medical institutions & hospitals use wallboards for displaying real-time patient information, workflow management, emergency alerts, patient flow & wait times, etc.

Though they are usually connected to the hospital’s database, the medical industry can make the best use of wallboards by connecting them to the core industry applications. These include names like Aetna, Cerner, EPIC, Telmed IQ, and others.

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But how does it benefit the customer support department and contact center? The answer to questions like these lies next.

Top Benefits of Contact Center Wallboards

Contact center wallboards not only display key metrics but also encourage agents to perform better. Other benefits of contact center wallboards include the following:

Real-Time Data-Driven Decisions

Since wallboards display real-time KPIs, it becomes easier for managers & VPs to monitor the performance status & implement strategies to catch up with the pace. Adding further, displaying the real-time data creates a sense of competition among contact center agents.

Motivated Agents

Displaying KPIs for support teams might sound intimidating, but it is an excellent way to keep agents motivated to perform enthusiastically. This helps in sharpening the customer service that elevates CX. Besides, contact center managers can differentiate between high-level, mid-level, and low-level performers.

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Wallboard Gamification

As per a December 2023 survey, workplace gamification led to a rise in productivity levels by 55%. This is because agents felt more engaged after gaming elements were introduced. Wallboard statistics play a vital role in engaging & boosting agent productivity.

Since wallboards give deserving agents recognition, the management can take it ahead by integrating gamification. It would encourage agents to outperform their goals. Agent targets can be broken down into levels and rewards can be offered whenever a level is cleared.

Track from A Single Pane

Wallboards simplify a lot of work for contact center managers. The real-time data can be easily tracked from a single dashboard without switching between screens. It not only saves time but also intensifies decision-making for contact center managers.

Metrics That Must Be Displayed on Contact Center Wallboards

Contact Center Wallboards Metrics

Final Words

Undoubtedly, wallboards have become an inseparable part of contact centers. Over the years, this tool has simplified tracking KPIs for strategizing elements that elevate agent efficiency through visually pleasing cues.

NovelVox is a leading CX player in the market. A CMMI Level-3 certified company, it has been providing solutions to contact centers for 15 years and counting. Its product line includes agent desktops, chatbots, CTI connectors, and helpdesk software.

Apart from this, their iVision Wallboards have been a great element for contact centers to track key KPIs for improving overall performance. They are compatible with Amazon Connect, Avaya, Cisco, Dialpad, Genesys, NICE, Webex, and Zoom.

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