Uncovering the Power of Advance Reporting and Analytics for your Contact Center

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World’s Most Influential Brands Digitally Transform CX with NovelVox

Work from home

Integrate & Unify Agent Experience
with Largest Library of Integrations

  • Agent Accelerator
  • Smart CTI Connector

Drive Digital Engagement from your Contact Center

  • Web & in-app chat
  • Social Messaging
  • CoBrowse
  • Video chat
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Contact Center Performance Management

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Customer Experience Management (CXM)

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Conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Advance and Customizable Solutions
for Your Contact Center

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Put your Customers First with NovelVox

Integration & Unification

Unify all your data sources and empower agents with the right information at the right time

Supervisor Monitoring & Reporting

Making Supervisors smarter with advanced reporting and performance monitoring tools

AI for Contact Center

Scale up your contact center operations with human-like conversations

Digital Conversations

Equip your agents to collaboratively interact with customers across digital channels

Agent Productivity

Drive performance with agent productivity tools for your Contact Centers

Social Media Connectivity

Effectively drive social media engagements and brand management from your Contact Centers

Industry-specific Solutions
Made For You

Banking & Finance

Credit Unions



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Banking & Finance


I research and found NovelVox to be the one support with the condo with the different applications from ServiceNow to Salesforce to Excel, so with the different applications with one product they are so flexible.

Audrey Hill

NovelVox has helped us improve the overall agent-customer experience with not just the screen pop application, but also by building a desktop as per our specific requirements. It’s exactly what we needed.

Tim Nicholas

We no more need to worry about exposing all customer information from CRM and our internal data to agents. Agents now have access to only that information which they require for handling calls. We explored many solutions but NovelVox was the only one who delivered it. It’s been working great so far.

Mark Coleman

Agent desktop by NovelVox ensured better agent and customer experience. Its ability to easily customize and create gadgets as per our needs is truly amazing.

Mohammed Yasin


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What to Expect in Reporting Plus 2.3.0?

KPIs are the measuring meter for understanding an organization’s progress and agent productivity. But dealing with this enormous data isn’t always an easy job. We understand the long-drawn struggle in


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10 Ways to Engage Customers with WhatsApp Chatbot

AI chatbots are the next big thing in customer experience. A whopping 67% of consumers globally use a chatbot for customer support in 2022: Freshworks WhatsApp chatbots are the next


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Top 8 Trends that Enhance Customer Experience of Digital Banking

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Empowering your employees to create an exceptional member experience In the digital era, repeatedly identifying themselves to the Credit Union is highly frustrating for the members. This increases call handle


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25 Top Predictions for Contact Centers in 2020

Creating customer experience goes beyond using Contact Center Software When it comes to expectations from contact center industry, customer experience continues to be atop. Now the customer will not be


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Dealing with Annoyed Customers: Turn Challenge into an Opportunity

Contact center solutions are powerful enough to make or break the customer experience You can imitate the best products but not the customer experience. And the present era is all


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40 Questions to Consider Before Buying a Contact Center Agent

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Uncovering the Power of Advance Reporting and Analytics for Cisco,

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Redefining Digital CX in 2022 for Banks, Financial Institutions &

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Modernize Healthcare with NovelVox Connected PX Platform

In today’s world, healthcare customers expect transparency, clarity, and a frictionless experience when interacting with payers and providers. Many providers and healthcare organizations understand the importance of prioritizing patient and


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Why WhatsApp is now an essential channel in your CX

With 2 billion users globally and 450 million active users daily, WhatsApp has transformed the traditional way of customer engagement. Over 5 million businesses have already started using this potential


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