Unified Agent Desktop for Healthcare

NovelVox’s Unified Agent Desktop is designed specifically for healthcare providers to put your patient first—every time. With integrated Agent Desktop to EMR/EHR including EPIC, Cerner, Aetna, etc., agents get instant access to all information of the caller like the last appointment status, reason for call, doctor’s availability and more. Agents can transfer a call with complete information easily within multiple departments. Agents not only can read data but can take actions like manage appointments, raise service requests and more right from their agent desktop.

With easy Integration to

Supervisor Desktop for Healthcare

NovelVox Supervisor Desktop lets supervisors broadcast vital information to an agent on a live call in real-time without breaking or interfering the agent-patient conversation. This enables supervisors to manage agents facing queries from patients and visitors and set real-time KPIs accordingly. It is custom built as per the requirements of healthcare providers and is compatible with contact center providers from Cisco, Genesys, and Avaya. NovelVox Supervisor Desktop provide supervisors with features like silent monitoring, Barge In, agent reskilling etc.

iVision Plus Digital Signage Wallboards for Healthcare

iVision Plus Wallboards and Digital Signage are an essential fit for healthcare practices. With NovelVox’s Digital Signages, you can easily manage information flow in various healthcare setups. iVision contact center wallboards offer a unified view of key metrics which enables supervisors to make informed decisions besides motivating agents.

Why NovelVox for Healthcare?

With 98.7% customer retention rate, NovelVox has been providing customized healthcare solutions to healthcare providers for over a decade now. Our healthcare specific contact center products are specifically designed to cater to the ever-growing demands of the healthcare industry with the aim of putting patients first. Now, contact center agents can raise service requests, manage appointments and more with ease.

Features of Unified Agent Desktop for Healthcare

  • Automated patient confirmation showing when an appointment is confirmed
  • Last five visit details of the patient including patient name, physician name, specialty, department, date and time
  • No show appointment—list of appointments when the patient failed to attend
  • Waiting list, outpatient and surgery list. including MRN details, number, specialty, requested date
  • Appointment request list—this shows a list of appointments requested by patient, details include MRN, request date, and specialty
  • Last five appointments—details include MRN, appointment, date, time, physician, specialty, and appointment type
  • Discharge list—this shows a list of discharged patients from the institution, details include MRN, discharge date and time and doctors name
  • Patient information—details include the mobile number, MRN, name, date of birth, gender, national IDs and passport numbers
  • Integration to your ticketing application
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