Agent Accelerator

Empowering Agents to Deliver Personalized Experience

Empower Agents for Personalization

Offering Personalized Customer Experience and Quicker Resolution

NovelVox’s Agent Accelerator empowers agents with a 360-degree view of the customer information that allows them to offer a personalized customer experience and lightning-fast service. This powerful solution significantly reduces Average Handling Time (AHT) and waiting time, improves First Call Resolution (FCR), and increases customer satisfaction.

Single glass pane view

The all-in-one desktop gives a single interface and a single view to agents as they interact with multiple applications but provide a seamless experience for customers

Personalized service

With the caller data display containing details such as caller name, address, contact details, past transactions, and ticket status, agents call customers by name and eliminate making customers repeat their request

Accurate and timely information

With all details handy, an agent can address concerns in a personalized manner and at a much faster pace, in addition to chatting with other agents to get timely information while assisting callers

Prompt service

Agent Accelerator provides a host of call control capabilities—such as call answer, hold, conference, transfer, and ACD state control—ready/not ready, wrap-up, etc.

Real-time reporting

Agents can see their real-time statistics directly on their desktop application by accessing the performance statistics reports displaying historical and current data, filtering by channel type and timeline

Monitor and improve agent performance

Agents can track their overall performance and productivity by accessing important performance metrics and work towards improving it


Easy Optimization for Different Industries

Agent Accelerator can be easily deployed and configured to meet varied and specific needs of the
customer contact center. It’s easy to configure and simple to use, with cloud, on-premise, and hybrid
deployment options, so you can provide exceptional customer experience.

Simple to set up

Choose your template as per industry (Banking & Finance, Credit Union, Insurance, Healthcare, Retail, Telecom) and each department’s needs

Create new gadgets

Choose from a host of gadgets such as agent chat, agent statistics, agent scripting, ticketing, agent performance dashboard, customer management, Salesforce connector, call tagging, and more

Industry customization

Industry optimized templates, core system integrations, business connect workflows and hundreds of industry specific services

On premise, on cloud and hybrid deployment

Choose installation based on your business security compliance, integrations with flexible on-prem, cloud, or hybrid installation options

Drag and drop functionality for customization

Design and customize agent desktop interface as per the business requirement and branding guidelines, adding logos, brand colors and fonts

Monitor agent performance

Set up supervisor thresholds to track agent performance using the supervisor desktop feature

Extensive Support to Leverage Agent

24/7 support

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Online Training Portal


Industry-specific Solution

NovelVox provides Unified Agent Desktop solution for multiple industries, providing easy
integration with industry-specific applications to provide a single glass pane view to contact
center agents

Banking & Finance

Credit Unions




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Banking & Finance


Scalable to Meet New Business Needs

The powerful tool is scalable as per the unique needs of your business and industry. The CTI and desktop workflow functions can be quickly and easily deployed at new locations as customer contact operations expand.

Add new business processes

Support the changing needs of the business by creating additional processes and workflows

Add bespoke process flows

Based on business requirements, add workflows with conditional statements


An Integrated Solution for Agents

Agent Accelerator integrates easily with third-party applications, reducing call duration
and allowing agents to resolve a client inquiry in a single call. It has a unified single view
and connectivity to web services, messaging services and much more. Agent Desktop
integration or CTI integration saves the agent’s time lost in screen switching and reduces
the chances of missing the context.

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