ServiceNow CTI Connector for Genesys Contact Center

Upgrade Agent productivity and Customer Experience with Genesys CTI Connector

Servicenow Genesys CTI Connector


Years of Expertise


Deployments in 18+ Countries


Retention Ratio

Enhance customer satisfaction quota

With aid of Genesys CTI connector integration with ServiceNow software, improve the customer and agent interaction. Witness a whole new level of personalized interaction unfold by making agents aware about the customer before starting the call.
Servicenow Genesys CTI Connector
Servicenow Genesys CTI Connector

Prompt and productive agents

Unified call controls to ease the load off agents. The integrated ServiceNow platform with CTI connectors serves to enhance agent productivity. Advanced telephony integrations within ServiceNow allow agents to do better.

Empower supervisors

Lay out informed policies by making decisions based on quantifiable figures. Allow supervisors to monitor agent performance and spot errors. The Genesys CTI connectors for ServiceNow render supervisors with advances call controls.
Servicenow Genesys CTI Connector
Servicenow Genesys CTI Connector

Faster call resolutions

Empower agents by giving them more time to focus on core competency such as customer interactions and conversions. With Genesys CTI connectors for ServiceNow, bring down average interaction call time while at the same time improve first call resolutions.

Augment efficiency

By giving agents access to enhances tools and techniques aided by ServiceNow and Genesys CTI integration, agents can better handle calls.
Servicenow Genesys CTI Connector

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