Smart CTI Connectors

Address customer concerns in a personalized manner, empower agents with customer information and enable seamless workflows for a productivity center. Take the leap with NovelVox smart CTI connectors for Cisco, Avaya, and Genesys contact centers.

Empowering Agents

Smart Connector built for your
Contact Center

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Inexpensive Way to Enhance Customer Experience

Offering Personalized Customer
and Quicker Resolution

Computer Telephony Integration or CTI, the connectivity tool that ties a phone system to an agent/supervisor desktop, makes a difference in the customer experience. It empowers agents in contact centers to have experiential conversations with customers. Cisco, Avaya, and Genesys CTI Connectors are powerful solutions that significantly reduce Average Handling Time (AHT) and improve First Call Resolution (FCR).

Single interface

The CTI Connector embeds within the application, offering call controls and key caller information, thus providing a single interface towards faster resolution

Accurate and timely information

With all details handy, address the customer concerns in a personalized manner, in addition to chatting with other agents to get timely information while assisting callers



Personalized service

Address the caller with their “First Name” without switching screens and have access to the complete conversation history to handle and resolve calls faster

Monitor and improve agent performance

Empower supervisors with the right monitoring tools and controls like agent ready, agent logout, barge-in, silent monitoring, etc. and features like Team Statistics and Queue Statistics for improved quality and enabling next-level performance monitoring

Easy to install, configure, and manage

Ready CTI Connector For
Your Application

NovelVox embedded CTI connector compatible with Cisco, Avaya, and Genesys automatically
displays the relevant customer information, enabling agents to handle calls more effectively

Serverless cloud installations

On-cloud serverless set-up for faster installation

On-premise deployment option

Choose on-premise set-up for secure installation

No extra agent training time required

Easy integration with current applications eliminates additional training for agents

Advanced features for improved productivity

Advanced call controls including Call Answer, Call End, Hold, Transfer, Consult, and Conference, CRM Screen Transfer, Associate Records, Click to Dial, Smart Dialing, and more to resolve queries faster

Monitor agent performance

Advanced agent & team performance reports for improving team’s productivity

Easy customization

Customize your connector design and information displayed to have your unique connector interface and integrate it with any other third-party application to improve agent productivity.

Optimize Contact Center operations

Managed Services

24/7 support

Training Portal

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Integrates with the existing application

Enhanced Experience for Customers and

CRM CTI integration and other third-party integrations improve the experience, sales, and services offered by the business. NovelVox offers integration for Cisco CTI, Avaya CTI, Genesys CTI, thus helping in identifying, routing, recording, and more  

CTI Connectors for Multiple Platforms

Easy Integration with Business Functions

Advanced CTI Connector functionalities ensure all your customer information can be
accessed from one platform, resulting in more effective sales and customer care operations
and faster service delivery

Customer Service




CTI or Computer Telephony Integration is a technology that allows a phone system to connect to a computer program such as CRM and Ticketing applications. The integration of two disparate systems allows contact centers to automate tasks, simplify processes, and enhance customer experience. With CTI Connectors, one can access all telephony call controls and actions from within the CRM applications, saving agents from toggling between the telephony and CRM while handling an interaction. Additionally, it allows agents to leverage the CRM-specific features such as Screen Pop, Click to Dial, and more to increase efficiency and improve performance.
Smart CTI Connectors by NovelVox seamlessly integrate with Salesforce, Zendesk, Freshdesk, ServiceNow, MS Dynamics, Epic, and Oracle Service Cloud. The application embeds seamlessly within the CRM or Ticketing application along with call controls from the telephony solution – on one single screen. Have any other applications in mind? Get in touch for a customized CTI Connector for your unique business needs.
Yes, when deployed along with NovelVox’s CXInfinity digital customer engagement platform or integrated with an omnichannel contact center framework such as Genesys’ omnichannel workspace.
Smart CTI Connectors support both server-based as well as serverless deployments with flexibility to choose a native or public cloud service as per the business needs.
Smart CTI Connectors come up with a no-code, drag and drop designer studio which enables administrators to customize the color, logo, font, and more without any hassle.
Yes, it does. NovelVox’s biggest integration library enables integrating Active directory/phonebook based on telephony records with the CRM. The phonebook can be shown within the CTI gadget to provide agents with an effortless and a more efficient way to access contacts.
Yes, when deployed along with NovelVox’s real-time and historical reporting solution iVision Plus and Reporting Plus. On custom requirements, Smart CTI Connector can easily be integrated with productivity gadgets and 3rd party applications for maximum productivity. Embedding NovelVox’s real-time and historical reporting gadgets over the CTI screen provides supervisors with the flexibility to monitor and track performance without switching applications.

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