Ready CTI Connector For Your Application

Get CTI integration with CRM or ticketing applications so that your agents have complete control of all information.

  • Provides omnichannel customer experience capabilities
  • Improve AHT to reduce operational cost
  • Integrate with your existing application, no extra agent training time required
Ready CTI Connector For Your Application

Say Hello with Caller’s First Name to Boost CX

Let your agent start a call by greeting the caller with his/her “First Name” without spending time in gathering the caller information with Avaya CTI connector.

  • Empower agent with all information to deliver customer delight
  • Deliver exceptional customer experience by providing proactive solution
  • Consistent customer experience across interactions
CTI Connector

Standard CTI Adapter comes with Advance Features

You can seamlessly Integrate Cisco, Avaya, Genesys CTI within Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, and Zendesk, along with having more data from another application within CTI Adapter.

  • Enhanced reporting with queues/skill group live feed
  • Reporting/call logging and agent performance stats
  • CRM Screen Transfer, Click to Dial, Intelligent Dialing & more.
CTI Connector

Easy Customization

Customize your connector design and information displayed using easy drag and drop studio environment as per your business needs. You can do it all by yourself without coding anything.

  • Modify information displayed on connector
  • Enhance productivity with Customized Connector
  • No coding required
CTI Connector

Single Interface

With Cisco CTI telephony agents will be able to handle all the communication channels with ease and improve productivity and quality while delivering personalized customer experience.

  • Get better ROI on operations
  • Save AHT and reduce operational cost
  • Enhance overall productivity
CTI Connector

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