Cisco Agent Desktop: The Only Tool You Need to Improve FCR and AHT

Cisco Agent Desktop

Cisco Agent Desktop is the only tool you need to improve major contact center KPIs. Here’s why:

If you run a contact center, you must be aware of the long endless list of performance metrics thrown around. Some of these metrics are more important than others; the two most important out of those are First Call Resolution and Average Handling Time. These two KPIs collectively can predict the entire growth or decline pattern of your contact center.

And what we are here to talk about is a tool that can objectively improve FCR and AHT along with a range of other essential metrics.

What tool is this you ask? A Unified Agent Desktop.

A Unified Agent Desktop can take away a lot of your worries about time management, perhaps one of the most important factors of customer service.

Let’s see how:

Unified Agent Desktop: A Brief Introduction

A few years ago, contact centers were completely different than what they are today. In the 1960s, when contact centers were taking form, the process of engaging with customers and delivering quality service was lethargic. Of course, there have been a multitude of technological developments since then that have drastically transformed how a contact center operates. The most evolutionary changes for contact centers came between the 1990s to 2010s.

Unified Agent Desktop A Brief Introduction
Those were the years when CTI connectors and cloud operations came into the picture. And with it came the need for a more unified platform for agents to handle and manage their tasks.

And thus a Unified Agent Desktop was born.

A Unified Agent Desktop, as the name suggests, is a consolidated platform for agents to manage customer interactions, track their performance, and deliver quality customer service across channels.

Unified Agent Desktops can source information from various channels and present it in a comprehensive manner all on a single screen to help agents keep up with their customers and be more efficient in their performance.

Besides displaying relevant information and providing agents with a range of practical features, a Unified Agent Desktop can also be integrated with third-party applications to radically improve contact center operations.

How Unified Agent Desktops Improve AHT and FCR

Now that we have understood what a Unified Agent Desktop is and how it works, let’s get into the specifics and figure out how a UAD brings objective improvements to your contact center.

Let’s imagine a Cisco Agent Desktop. A UCCX Agent Desktop, like any other Unified Agent Desktop, is a productivity and management tool with a unified interface.

A Cisco Finesse Agent Desktop can help simplify tasks and improve productivity for agents, supervisors, as well as contact center managers.

Here’s how:

Cisco Agent Desktop for Agents

Cisco Agent Desktop for Supervisors
Cisco Agent Desktop for Admin
All in all, with a Unified Agent Desktop, your agents are in the know of everything that they need to know. A UAD helps set up the context and the expectations for what’s to come, allowing agents to prepare themselves accordingly and, in turn, deliver faster and more efficient responses.

Features that You Should Look for in your Unified Agent Desktop

Not all Unified Agent Desktops are made the same. If you have been in the market for a Cisco Agent Desktop, you must be aware of the endless number of features components of such a solution. Nevertheless, there are some features that you must look for before finalizing a UCCX Agent Desktop.

Here’s a quick look at the must-have features of a Unified Agent Desktop:

⦿ Customization

It goes without saying that a Unified Agent Desktop should allow easy customizability. After all, the entire intention of implementing a tool like that is to ease up the agents’ work. Therefore, a Unified Agent Desktop should give you the option to modify the interface and workflows as per your industry standard and personal preference.

Many modern UADs come with preset templates designed for different industries to help drag and drop the required functions and get going with customer servicing in no time.

⦿ Industry-Ready Implementation

Depending on the industry you are serving, you can have your Unified Agent Desktop tailor made to suit and cater to your specific needs. How your Cisco Agent Desktop looks and how it performs can all be modified to go with a specific industry with little to no adaptability and learning curve.

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⦿ Multi-Channel Integration

Another obvious feature that you need in your Cisco Agent Desktop is integration with multiple communication channels.

Since the advent of contact centers, one of the most defiant paradigm shifts has been the ability to seamlessly connect with customers across different channels. Customers nowadays are quick to connect if they are facing any issue and quicker to form a positive and negative impression about you depending on how you deliver your service.

As a modern contact center solution, it is paramount to deliver customer service to customers on time regardless of where they are reaching out to you from.

So, ensure your Unified Agent Desktop supports multi communication channel support.

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⦿ Customer Data Consolidation

Perhaps the most important feature of a Unified Agent Desktop: Displaying relevant customer information sourced from different platforms on a single screen. From last purchase to purchasing pattern, a Unified Agent Desktop gives you a clear and actionable picture of your customers right on your screen. Not to mention, you can also learn what specific issue the customer is facing if a ticket has been raised for them before. This quick and easy access to customer information helps agents deliver contextually rich and more personalized interactions.

Ready to Improve your Contact Center KPIs?

We hope this piece of content helps you better understand what a Unified Agent Desktop is and how it can improve the KPIs of your contact center. Nowadays, contact centers aren’t only a site to make and receive calls from customers. It is essentially a platform that delivers impeccable customer experience. And to meet such expectations, you would need technology by your side. A Unified Agent Desktop is an example of one such technology that has been transforming how contact centers look and function. Write to us at to learn more about Unified Agent Desktops.

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