Contact Center Wallboards: Keeping Agents Engaged and Motivated with a Touch of Interactive Visuals

Call Center Wallboard

According to research by Jeff Toister, 59% of contact center agents are at risk of burnout. Poor in-office engagement, unmanageable workloads, and zero visibility into performance metrics can seriously affect agents’ productions. On the other hand, keeping agents engaged and highly involved in their work can positively impact contact center bottom lines. But the question is how.

According to a study from The Strategic Journal of Business and Change Management, teams that worked towards a shared set of clearly defined KPIs were more engaged and productive at work. And call center wallboards might just be the best way to achieve this.

What is a Call Center Wallboard?

A contact center wallboard is a digitized display board that conveys essential real-time and historical information to managers and agents using interactive visuals in the form of graphs, charts, notifications, and statistics. While it can be optimized for agent screens and supervisor desktops, many contact centers put up large-scale displays on walls so that the information is immediately visible to all the stakeholders. Managers can customize the call center wallboard software to track specific metrics, helping everyone work towards larger common goals.

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What Metrics Should the Wallboards Display to Engage and Motivate Agents Effectively?

Displaying the right metrics is integral to aiding agents’ performance over time. While it might not be possible to display all the critical data points, picking the ones that align with the contact center’s goals is crucial. Some examples of essential wallboard metrics are given below.

Average Wait Time (AWT)

The number of minutes customers must wait before being engaged by an agent gives insights into agent efficiency and customer service levels.

Call Abandonment Rate (CAR)

Tracking the calls abandoned before an agent could answer is a vital completion metric.

First Call Resolution (FCR)

How many customer queries are being resolved in the first call without further escalation shows how well-trained the agents are.

Average Handle Time (AHT)

AHT refers to the total time an agent spends while resolving a ticket assigned to them. This metric is invaluable while comparing an agent’s performance with their peers.

Call Queues

Call queue metrics describe real-time call activities, including active calls, waiting calls, live agents, answered calls, and total calls for the specified period.

Customer satisfaction (CSAT) Scores

CSAT scores are gathered via a survey completed by customers after the call. These surveys determine how satisfied the customers were with the call and service quality.

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How do Call Center Wallboards Improve Agent Performance?

Setting Achievable Short- and Long-term Goals

call center wallboard
Call center wallboard software collates data and builds actionable summaries to be displayed on the display board. This data can be used as a guideline to set up tangible, measurable, and achievable short- and long-term goals to improve the performance of individual agents, teams, and the contact center.

Real-time availability of data enables managers to make effective changes to the call center’s approach. Research shows that companies that communicate and remind employees of their purpose have stock prices 12X higher than their competitors. A contact center wallboard is the perfect way to showcase the center’s goals in a way that motivates agents.

Gamifying Contact Center KPIs

Gamifying Contact Center KPIs
A study by Zippia showed that gamification in the workplace led to a 48% increase in employee engagement. And 90% of employees said they were more productive when gamified elements were introduced. This data can be used in contact centers using intuitive wallboard software.

Wallboard displays can be configured to display the top agents and their scores, giving them well-deserved recognition. Organizations can take this a step further by creating friendly competition within the work environment, encouraging agents to outperform each other constructively. Targets can be broken down into levels, and rewards can be distributed when said levels are reached. However, it is advised not to display all the agents and their numbers, lest poorly performing personnel feel discouraged.

Keeping Agents Motivated and Energized

contact center wallboard
Agents with a deep sense of ownership of their work will perform better. The best way to instill a sense of ownership in them is by showing them how their contributions are helping the contact center perform better. This requires unparalleled visibility into vital metrics such as AHT, FCR, sales numbers, and CSAT scores. Real-time metrics help agents understand their performance and identify gaps.

Improving Overall Operational Productivity

Overall operational productivity doesn’t just reduce the agent workload but also improves customer satisfaction.

With easy access to valuable data, managers can easily assign tickets, identify poor performers, provide them with the necessary resources, and eliminate operational redundancies. These incremental improvements can play a big role in boosting customer service ratings down the line. According to the Service Quality Management Group, even a 1% improvement in FCR can lead to a 1% improvement in CSAT.

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Wrapping up

Call center wallboard solutions have been proven to strategically elevate agent engagement and performance rates by providing relevant metrics and benchmarks in intuitively designed visual cues. NovelVox’s iVision Plus is an interactive digital wallboard solution that gives 360° data visualization, gamifies KPIs, delivers smart notifications, integrates easily with all major third-party applications, and offers seamless customizations for each business. To learn more about NovelVox and its iVision Plus contact center wallboard software, contact us today.

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