Integrated Contact Center Solution for Governments, Municipalities and Counties

Quality Engagement and Focused Solution for Citizens and Agents

Contact Center Solution for Governments Industries

Improved Citizen Experience and Engagement

Deliver Better Service Quality to Citizens with Digital Offerings

NovelVox’s solutions help public sector organizations and government entities deliver smart and personalized public-facing services and access to information. NovelVox’s unified contact centre system connects to and between all government services, ultimately increasing public satisfaction and reducing costs. With Unified Agent Desktops, Supervisor Desktop, iVision Wallboard, and other tools, government departments and counties can deliver faster services to citizens. Whether it is to get 311 informational services, reach out for police records or the public work department, our solutions helps government entities provide more transparent, accessible, and responsive services to citizens.
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Unified Agent Desktops

Unique Unified Agent Desktop available for each department that integrates seamlessly with other applications, besides giving all of the information of citizens in one screen as soon as the call connects
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iVision Wallboards

Each department can have customized and gamified wallboards for its own unique needs, helping motivate and empower agents by creating an interactive work atmosphere
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Agent Scripting Tool

The tool offers guidance to agents in simple steps to handle queries or issues and reduces training time for new agents

Personalized, Real-time Support

Deliver instant and personalized help and support to citizens, addressing and resolving their issues promptly, with the availability of their information and the details of their concerns
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Supervisor Desktops

City Assist for Supervisors allows data displayed as a screen pop and enables advanced actions to optimize performance like silent monitoring, barge in, and reskilling
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Mobile & Tablet Dashboard

Supervisors get access to real-time stats on contact centre and team performance from mobile dashboards and receive audio/visual alerts, SMS or email when thresholds are breached
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Integrated Knowledge Base

Agents get access to a complete knowledge base that is integrated within the agent desktop while on a call to address complex queries or issues

Data-rich Reporting, Actionable Insights

Leverage historical reporting, real-time monitoring and social wall monitoring to evaluate agent/contact centre performance and make informed decisions

The City Assist product has
three plans to choose from:


City Assist for Supervisors

Core City Assist

Core City Assist

Advance City Assist.

Advance City Assist.

Multi-channel presence

AI Capabilities for More Engagement and Instant Resolution

Chatbots and Voice Bots

Scale customer support and reduce agent workload with intelligent chatbots and voice bots
Integrating AI and bots helps answer questions and address issues faster
With templates and automated settings, Email Assist saves time and makes citizen interactions and resolution faster.
Pitch the most appropriate response with real-time suggestions and information inputs from the integrated knowledge base
Accurate searches and faster response with less hold time
Leveraging Natural Language Processing (NLP) helps make conversation flow seamlessly between virtual agents and citizens
Contact Center Solution for Governments Industries

Boost Engagement and Delight Citizens with Faster Service


Empower agents with the right tools that integrates backend systems, databases and CRMs so they can focus on engagement

Data Safety

Keep citizen information captured, stored, and computed securely and safely adhering to regulatory standards

Quick Resolutions

Exceed citizens’ expectations with faster resolutions and on-time support in all areas related to public services

Leverage City Assist for Multiple Use Cases

Emergency and 311 Services

Police records

Public works

Motor vehicle registration

Transport permits

Taxes and revenues

Financial reports

Licenses & permits

Benefits disbursement

Employment compensation

Health and human services

Income assistance

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Dedicated Customer Success Manager

support 1

24/7 Support &

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Self Help YouTube Channel

Ready information on one screen

Integrated solution for a Personalized Experience

NovelVox’s City Assist provides a platform that integrates all the backend services and multiple government and county department services, which offer agents all the important information regarding the on a single screen. It improves the agent's average handling time, and the agent will be able to handle more calls in the day. NovelVox solutions integrate well with core industry apps including IBM/AS 400, and Workday along with additional 75+ third-party applications like ServiceNow and Salesforce delivering exceptional user experience.

Wide Contact Center Compatibility

NovelVox Solutions Compatible with All Contact Centers

All NovelVox solutions work with all kinds of contact centres that government entities use. The agents feel empowered, and their performance increases due to advanced level integrations. The citizens get hassle-free access to public sector services, and government entities get the NovelVox team's support to address any user issue or need.

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