EPIC CTI Connector

Redefine patient and member experience with Smart CTI Connectors for EPIC Hyperspace, Hyperdrive & Cheers.
Epic CTI Connector

Years of Expertise


Deployments in 20+ Countries


Healthcare Clients

Assist patients proactively by equipping agents with
advanced telephony controls within EPIC.

Simplify workflows and extend agent support in Cisco, Avaya, Webex, Genesys, Amazon Connect, Nice, DialPad, 8×8 and Five9 Contact Centers with CTI connectors embedded within EPIC. Improve agent workflows, deliver quick support, and ensure effortless call handling with Epic telephony integration.

Transform Patient Experience

Actively involve patients in their healthcare journeys by plugging your phone systems into EPIC Streamline administrative tasks to reduce patient wait times by allowing agents to access their details and prior interaction history. Proactively assist patients in scheduling appointments, authorizing a prescription, insurance, sharing reports, and more with EPIC EMR/EHR integration
cisco epic integration
EPIC integration services

Optimize Customer Support Operations

Enhance agents’ ability to deliver exceptional customer experiences with an embedded CTI interface within the EPIC. Facilitate them with team collaboration and interaction handling controls to improve performance and productivity.

Drive Personalization with Additional Features

Streamline your healthcare contact center operations with EPIC CTI integration. Equip agents with additional call controls by embedding your telephony system within the EPIC environment .
EPIC Hyperdrive connector


A technology that connects the Epic Hyperspace environment with your telephony systems. The Epic Call Center integration allows agents to handle voice interactions from within the Epic Hyperspace screen, hence enabling a seamless experience for both agents and customers.

Smart CTI Connector from NovelVox offers ready integration of Epic Systems with Cisco, Avaya, Webex, Genesys, Amazon Connect, Nice, DialPad, 8×8 and Five9 phone systems.
The call routing part is handled by the integrated telephony system. The connector interface only allows you to showcase the routed interaction inside Epic for seamless call handling.
NovelVox’s unified CX solutions including Epic CTI Connector are HIPAA compliant, which means the organization follows all required physical, network, and process security measures while dealing with protected health information (PHI).
CTI Connectors are available for Epic Hyperspace, Hyperdrive, and Cheers versions.
The connector supports both On-Prem and Serverless deployments. Get in touch with our solution experts to discuss in detail.

Learn More About Epic CTI Integration
in Contact Centers:

Epic is the leading healthcare EHR across the globe. With its roster of robust features, strong support network, and customizability, Epic can help track a patient’s entire journey including setting up an appointment, moving into the hospital, and the latter part of the treatment. 


Bringing a CTI connector to the fold only significantly elevates the functionalities of Epic. 


What does a CTI connector do? It brings your Epic EHR together with your contact center telephony system, allowing you to make and receive calls directly from your Epic interface. While it may sound like a simple integration, it brings a world of benefits to your customer service. 


Here’s how: 


Empathetic and Contextual Calls


First and foremost, CTI connectors make your calls more contextually rich. How does that happen? Well, every time you make or receive a call, you get a pop-up (called ScreenPop) of all the relevant information on that particular customer, facilitating a clear understanding of the situation and encouraging agents to quickly find a solution while coming off as understanding and empathetic. 


The ScreenPop feature also helps the agents grasp a better understanding of where the customer is coming from, what issues they are facing, along with the last update to their issue. 


This helps the agents come off as informed and professional, infusing a sense of trust among the customers, bringing us to the next point…


Informed Agents, Satisfied Customers


When agents are informed, customers are confident and trusting of your customer service. If a customer calls you and your agent picks up right from where they were left off, the customer will be delighted that he wouldn’t have to repeat himself. Moreover, when agents address a customer by their name and reassure them that their issues are being resolved at priority, it serves as a building block for long-lasting relationships with your customers. 


Faster, More Effective Communication


CTI integration with Epic enables a faster and more effective way to communicate with your customers by equipping your agents with a powerful and intuitive platform powered by CTI. With all the relevant information on display at your fingertips, your agents would be faster and less likely to make a mistake, which is a major priority in the healthcare industry. 


Having comprehensive access to customer information in one place not only allows agents to lead more contextual and empathetic conversations, it also dramatically shortens their average handling time and first call resolution time. 

At its core, Epic is an electronic health record platform. Nevertheless, in practicality, it is much more and can go on to include revenue cycle management, customer retention platform, and data analytics tool. 


With so many solutions incorporated into a single platform, no wonder Epic is believed to be one of the most complete CRMs in the industry. 


However, the CTI connector still helps Epic fill a major gap by bringing your telephony system to your Epic interface. One of the major reasons for Epic’s popularity has also to do with the integration it offers. 


Not to mention, Epic has built several modules to cater to the specific needs of the healthcare industry. And we offer computer telephony integration solutions for the leading Epic modules: Epic Cheers, Epic Hyperdrive, and Epic Hyperspace.


The CTI integration with Epic Hyperspace, disjointed backend systems, databases, and EMR/EHR apps streamlines service operations, boosting efficiency. NovelVox products now feature seamless connectivity with Epic’s on-cloud EMR software and healthcare CRM module, Epic Cheers, aimed at reducing average handling time for healthcare agents. 


Additionally, NovelVox’s phone system integrations with Cisco, Avaya, Genesys, and Amazon Connect ensure efficient query resolution without screen toggling.

Prioritize Seamless Customer Communications with
Epic CTI Integration

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