Get access to vital contact center data and formulate it into actionable insights to have bench-marking performance with Reporting Plus – historic reporting software

Informed decision making with metrics that matter

Let supervisors build completely customized reports within minutes with unmatched flexibility of filtering and categorization of data fields. These Ad-hoc reports help the supervisor analyze agent performance in accordance with the customer journey on the intuitive interface of the tool.


Turning Data into Actionable Intelligence

Turing Data into Actionable Intelligence

Improve team performance with all-inclusive dashboards

Comprehensive view of agent performance and related contact center data fetched from CRM and other 3rd party databases. Consolidates and displays all reports from various platforms on one single platform that saves the supervisor from switching multiple applications for data comparison. Seamlessly integrates with leading 3rd party applications, including Salesforce, ServiceNow, Zendesk, MS Dynamics, and more.

Save time and effort with Automated report receiving

Supervisors and managers can save time lost on exporting data manually and exclude the risk of errors by scheduling reports with our one-click process to receive reports on a predefined day/time. This allows the evaluation of performance with regular updates and comparisons. Now managers can focus more on implementing actions instead of remembering the dates to export the data

Intelligent usage of reports


Make the most from business driving data by publishing and exporting reports as PDF, Excel, or CSV. Easily share with stakeholders or agents in the desired format with powerful publishing capabilities for improved decision-making. Since agents can view their and others’ performance, reports better efficiency for customer satisfaction.

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