Design, build and share your contact center reports online across your organization.

Reporting Plus is a contact center reporting software solution from NovelVox, it is an easy to use graphical report builder designed for managers and supervisors to extract fully customizable reports, without in-depth technical knowledge.

Reporting Plus is compatible with Cisco finesse reporting, UCCX/UCCE, including unified reporting, Genesys and Avaya Contact Centers.

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Turning Data into Actionable Intelligence

Turing Data into Actionable Intelligence

Remove Data Silos

Like many organizations, data are in many silos across different contact center CX groups, e.g. voice, email, and web chat. Data can be stored in Excel, Google Docs, Access or SQL Databases and 3rd party applications like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. Creating unified reports across silos is challenging. NovelVox’s Reporting Plus based on Cisco UCCE/UCCX reporting will remove these data silos.

The Complete ‘Data’ Picture

Data is the lifeblood of any organization, but it is often stored in different places and in various formats. As a result of many years of organic growth, employing different technology vendors or simply, reporting was never a high priority.

Based on Cisco unified reporting, Reporting Plus from NovelVox unifies all your data sources into a single data repository, allowing you to apply business rules and internal processes, so that your data becomes contextualized, relevant, and most important of all, a useful intelligence.

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Your customized reports are published online through our secure server and viewable on desktops computers as well as mobile devices. Scheduled customized reports can be emailed in PDF, Excel or CSV to relevant stakeholders or a stakeholder group on a scheduled basis.

Reporting Plus is the only reporting engine you will need for your contact center.

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