Screen Sharing VS Co-Browsing: What’s the Difference?


As humans, we have had many good experiences of how hand holding helped us to learn and grow. From taking our first step as a child or learning to ride a bike, a helping hand made great differences in our lives. As times changed and we heralded into the world of technology, people have been frazzled around navigating software. Not to mention that to-do guides and manual help books can hardly ever solve specific technical problems. This can take a toll on agent productivity and bring down customer experiences.

Who would want to forgo efficiency just because they can’t get the hang of navigating software? That’s tantamount to being handicapped despite having every little resource at your disposal. That’s where CoBrowing comes in to salvage the situation and not let a small knowledge blip leverage into a disaster.

What is Cobrowsing?

Sometimes, a phone call or chat support may not suffice when walking the customer through new software or features. Also, the lengthy ‘how to guides’ may not be preferred by some customers who value their time and may not always contain the right solution for the problem at hand.

Co-browsing allows the customers and agents to be on the same page. It is a visual support tool that gives an agent access to a customer’s browser or web page and allows them to navigate it.

A study conducted by the Aberdeen group highlights the fact that 61% greater revenue growth was recorded for companies that were using co-browsing software in contrast to the ones that were not.

So, if your customer fails to understand or locate a function on the website, then they don’t need to get lost in the generic “how-to” conversations when they can get an instant and specific aid.

Screen sharing Vs CoBrowsing

There is a possibility for co-browsing to be confused with screen sharing. But there are differences. With screen sharing it’s all about view-only options but co-browsing empowers customer service agents to navigate or control a shared page.

Screen sharing doesn’t allow agents to perform any actions on the customer’s screens

Co-Browsing, allows agents to click, navigate and annotate on the customers’ screens

Screen sharing doesn’t allow different parties to work on the same page simultaneously

Co Browsing comes with dual cursors that allow both the agents and customers to work on the same page at a given time.

Screen sharing can come at the cost of privacy, wherein sensitive information or open tabs on a customer’s system can be viewed by the agent

Co-Browsing is built with safety and security in mind. It comes with the option to mask any sensitive information or tabs that customers don’t want to be viewed by any other party.

Screen sharing typically requires the customer to download an application

Co-Browsing, on the other hand, does not need third-party installations or any external downloads

Screen sharing allows the agent to control the entire screen of the customer

Co-Browsing presents the option to control the customer’s browser or a specific tab that they are working on.

Equipped with several advanced features, Co-Browsing addresses the problems plaguing screen sharing and builds upon it, for better customer services.

How Co-Browsing can transform your business?

Virtual customer interactions have taken the world by storm, especially in pandemic times. They undoubtedly hold the potential to address customer issues in real-time, provide visual guidance, and can help a great deal with demos and instructions.

Let’s analyze the areas where Co-Browsing can make a significant impact and ultimately transform the way you do business:

Help move potential customers to the sales funnel

Research proves that human beings are visual learners. Any visually processed information is easier to grasp and longer to retain. Hence, view-only makes all the sense in the world that visual engagement tools like Co-Browsing can be more persuasive than a simple phone call or a chat conversation. Sales reps can leverage the tools to highlight the product features, provide demos and just sell smart.

Easier customer onboarding

In this age of the digital economy, there are a ton of companies that rely on apps such as in the banking sector, and now even in healthcare. So, it becomes important to help customers use these online assets easily. Co-Browsing can help reduce the churn in the early stages and pave the way for the long-term satisfaction of customers.

Improved agent experience

Agents can ace their game in addressing customer problems because troubleshooting is not about a hit and trial thing after Co-Browsing comes into the picture. Without having to pester the customer with a load of questions, they can determine the issue and come up with a solution. So, it’s a win-win in terms of spending less time and establishing meaningful conversations.

Transform customer experience

If agents are proactive in responding to customer issues, they are more likely to stick around for a longer time. That’s good for business and reputation. With Co-Browsing tools, customers don’t have to spend a great deal of time explaining their demands, repeating their stories, or making experiments on what the agent says.

Further, collaborative browsing adds an element of a human approach to customer support, making them feel valued.

If you are looking for good Co-Browsing software for your organization then, NovelVox has got you covered. Our CoBrowse tool can help you win sales and hone your customer service skills. From secure streaming to seamless transitions without any third-party downloads, it covers everything. It can be easily integrated with other communication channels like live chat, voice chat, video chat, intelligent FAQs, to make customer experiences delightful.

Take a massive leap in profits and client satisfaction with CoBrowse!

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