ServiceNow CTI Connector

Empower agents to do more by bringing your telephony system and ServiceNow together.
ServiceNow CTI Connector

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Seamlessly deliver superior customer
service within ServiceNow

Embed key caller information and call controls from your telephony system inside ServiceNow to improve experience for agents as well as customers. From creating unique workflows to integrated call dispositions, automated call logging, click-to-dial, and contextual screen transfers. NovelVox CTI Connectors for ServiceNow equip your agents with everything they need to deliver superior customer experience. Readily available for leading contact centers like Cisco, Avaya, Genesys, and Amazon Connect .

Plug & Play

Plug & Play

Embeds within the ServiceNow environment to allow quick access to telephony controls for seamless interaction handling
Personalized Service

Personalized Service

Engage customers in contextual, personalized conversations by equipping agents with key caller information on a unified CTI interface
Optimized Costs

Optimized Costs

Save on operational costs with seamless ServiceNow CTI integration offering blended omni-channel support within ServiceNow.

Enhance agent and customer experience
with smart CTI Connector for ServiceNow

Know your callers before answering calls and resolve queries effortlessly and efficiently with out-of-the-box productivity features offered by ServiceNow CTI Connectors. Drive productivity with advanced integrations and process automation capabilities.

Seamless Call Handling and Automation

Handle calls without switching screens. Transform your ServiceNow environment into an interaction handling platform offering necessary call controls and actions on a unified CTI interface.
Seamless Call Handling and Automation
servicenow cti

Ingest Omni-channel Support

Unify interactions from email, chat, and social channels to deliver consistent and connected omni-channel experiences to agents and customers leveraging NovelVox omni-channel integrations for ServiceNow.

Agent Productivity Tools

Amplify agent productivity with built-in productivity add-ons from NovelVox for effective interaction handling. Improve performance and experience by eliminating screen switches and manual efforts required to pull necessary caller information.
servicenow cti integration

Real-time Agent Assistance & Coaching

Monitor agent performance and offer quick assistance in real-time with one-click monitoring controls from within the CTI interface using NovelVox Smart CTI Connector for ServiceNow. Analyze key call insights to efficiently handle queues without juggling between the applications.

Out-of-the-box Integrations

Integrate ServiceNow with third-party applications to further reduce call handling times for agents. Unify information from multiple systems and apps to allow agents to resolve queries faster without leaving the ServiceNow screen.
servicenow CTI connector


ServiceNow Computer Telephony Integration – A technology that helps connect ServiceNow with a telephony system for enabling key call controls and actions inside the ServiceNow environment. The integration enables agents to place and answer calls from within the ServiceNow screen, reducing call handling time and improving caller experience.
Smart CTI Connectors from NovelVox offer seamless integration with leading contact center systems including Cisco, Avaya, Genesys, and Amazon Connect.
NovelVox offers decent customization of CTI interface for brands, enabling them to optimize the gadget UI per the unique business needs. However, the customization of CTI interface is limited and currently supported only in case of On-Prem/Hybrid deployments. In case of serverless deployments, an additional server would be required to enable gadget customization for Servicenow CTI Connector. For more details, please get in touch with NovelVox Solutions experts.
CTI Connectors are available for ServiceNow Quebec, Paris, Orlando, Newyork, and Madrid versions.
Yes, it does. Ready integrations are available for Genesys Cloud embeddable framework and Amazon Connect CCP Panel to enable email and chat capabilities inside ServiceNow.

Learn More About ServiceNow CTI Integration
in Contact Centers:

The time of the hour is a personalized approach to customer interactions. And ServiceNow CTI integration is a fuss-free straightforward approach to achieving seamless customer interactions. ServiceNow telephony integration helps bring your telephony system to your CRM interface, allowing you to connect with your customers and resolve their queries without having to leave your ServiceNow CRM interface. What’s more? With ServiceNow CTI integration, you also get convenient access to all the essential customer information right on your CRM screen so you could lead a more personalized and contextual interaction every time you connect with your customers.


Here’s how ServiceNow CTI integration can help you:


1.  Enhanced Efficiency:


⦿ Streamlines workflows by integrating phone systems directly into ServiceNow.

⦿ Reduces manual data entry and minimizes the need to switch between different applications.


2. Improved Customer Service:


⦿ Enables automatic screen pops with caller information, allowing agents to provide personalized and efficient customer support.

⦿ Reduces call handling time by providing instant access to relevant customer data and history.


3. Increased Productivity:


⦿ Automates repetitive tasks and processes, allowing agents to focus on more value-added activities.

⦿ Provides real-time data and insights, enabling quicker decision-making and problem resolution.


4. Seamless Collaboration:


⦿ Facilitates communication and collaboration among team members by providing a unified platform for interactions.

⦿ Enables easy sharing of information and context, enhancing teamwork and problem-solving.


4. Enhanced Data Accuracy:


⦿ Reduces the risk of errors by eliminating manual data input, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information in ServiceNow records.

⦿ Improves data integrity by synchronizing customer information between phone systems and the ServiceNow platform.


5. Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics:


⦿ Offers detailed insights into call metrics, agent performance, and customer interactions.

⦿ Allows businesses to analyze trends, identify bottlenecks, and make data-driven decisions for process optimization.


6. Increased Customer Satisfaction:


⦿ Enables faster response times and more personalized interactions, leading to higher customer satisfaction rates.

⦿ Improves customer loyalty by providing a seamless and efficient support experience. 


7. Increased Customer Satisfaction:


⦿ Enables faster response times and more personalized interactions, leading to higher customer satisfaction rates.

⦿ Improves customer loyalty by providing a seamless and efficient support experience. 

⦿ Reduces operational costs by automating tasks and optimizing workflows.

⦿ Minimizes the need for additional hardware or software investments by leveraging existing ServiceNow and phone system infrastructure.


8. Compliance and Security:


⦿ Ensures compliance with regulatory requirements by accurately capturing and storing communication data.

⦿ Enhances security by centralizing communication channels within the secure ServiceNow environment, reducing the risk of data breaches.


9. Scalability and Flexibility:


⦿ Adaptable to evolving business needs and scalable to accommodate growing call volumes and customer interactions.

⦿ Supports customization and integration with other third-party applications, allowing businesses to tailor the CTI solution to their specific requirements.

Let immaculate customer service take the stage with ServiceNow Cisco CTI Integration. Your ServiceNow CRM can be upgraded to bring you unprecedented features that help improve both customer and agent experience in one go. 


Bring your Cisco contact center telephony system directly to your ServiceNow CRM interface and let your agents breeze through every interaction with ease. No more need to switch windows in order to secure the right information. Now every time your customers call you, you get a ‘ScreenPop’ of all the relevant information for a more contextual understanding right on your CRM screen. You can also call your customers with a single click, thanks to the Click to Dial feature. 


Improve customer interactions and customer service quality while simultaneously saving your agents time and effort. 

ServiceNow CRM can be elevated to new heights and can be made to offer a streamlined approach to customer interaction. How? With ServiceNow Avaya CTI integration. ServiceNow CTI integration with Avaya brings the telephony system of the call center to your ServiceNow CRM interface.


How does that help you? First and foremost, it saves your agents the time and effort that they would otherwise have to spend while switching windows in order to connect with a customer and have relevant information at their fingertips. With a CTI connector, your ServiceNow CRM will display all the relevant information as soon as your agent makes or receives a call. 


Secondly, your CRM also upgrades features such as Click to Dial and ScreenPop, both of which are an extremely helpful way of connecting with your customers and leading a contextual and empathetic conversation. 


At the end of the day, ServiceNow CTI integration with Avaya not only helps your agents but significantly improves the customer experience.

Did you know you can significantly change the way you interact with your customers with a little integration. We are talking about ServiceNow Genesys CTI Integration. A CTI integration between your ServiceNow CRM and Genesys telephony system can bring advantages that you wouldn’t have thought possible. 


Transform the way you interact with your customers with ultra convenient customer service brought to you by ServiceNow CTI integration with Genesys. Call your customers directly from your CRM. Moreover, have the right information at your disposal for every conversation with ScreenPop, a built-in feature of CTI integration. You can also contact your customers with a single click, thanks to the Click to Dial feature. 


Integrating your ServiceNow CRM with your Genesys contact center can benefit both your agents and your customers and ultimately lead to a more refined customer service experience. 

Integrating ServiceNow with Amazon Connect, a cloud-based contact center service by Amazon Web Services (AWS), can offer several benefits to businesses, especially in the realm of customer service and support. Here are some ways in which this integration can be beneficial.


ServiceNow CTI integration with Amazon Connect allows for seamless communication between the contact center agents and ServiceNow users. Agents can handle customer interactions directly within ServiceNow, eliminating the need to switch between different applications.


By integrating Amazon Connect with ServiceNow, businesses can provide a more personalized and efficient customer experience. Agents can access customer data and interaction history from within ServiceNow, enabling them to understand customer needs better and provide more informed and timely assistance.


ServiceNow’s robust features combined with Amazon Connect’s telephony capabilities empower agents to work more efficiently. Agents can create, view, and update tickets, access knowledge bases, and collaborate with other team members without leaving the ServiceNow interface.

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