Transformative Contact Center Solutions for Customer-focused Banks & Financial Institutes

Optimized Support, Empowered Agents, Happy Customers

Next-gen Customer Support for Banking

Deliver Rich Customer Experiences and Increase Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)

NovelVox empowers modern banks to deliver meaningful customer experiences, personalized attention and lightning-fast service through a rich suite of contact center solutions. By leveraging our Unified Agent Desktops, Conversational AI, voice bots and omnichannel support banks can move beyond transactions to experiences, and ultimately garner customer loyalty, increase customer retention, and amplify customer LTV.

Unified Agent Desktops

The integrated Agent Desktop integrates seamlessly with core banking applications to deliver exceptional CX and boost customer lifetime value.

Personalized, Real-time Support

Deliver instant and personalized help and support to complete transactions and resolve queries faster. 

End-to-end Security for Complete Peace of Mind

The integrated Agent Desktop integrates seamlessly with core banking applications to deliver exceptional customer experiences and boost customer lifetime value.

Agent Dashboards

Empower agents to manage their own performance with real-time, detailed and comprehensive dashboards

Data-rich Reporting, Actionable Insights

Leverage historical reporting, real-time monitoring and social wall monitoring to evaluate agent/contact center performance, and make informed decisions.

Banking-focused AI Tools

Convert Conversations into Relationships
with Full AI Toolset

Take your bank’s customer support into the digital

Email Assist

Say goodbye to ineffective email support and make the most of every email interaction with Email Assist.

Agent Assist

Pitch the most appropriate response with real-time suggestions and information inputs from the integrated Knowledge Base.

Natural, Human-like Interactions

Chatbots and voicebots can understand human language requests, “converse” in a natural manner, and deliver smooth engagement experiences.

Cognitive Search

Understand user queries and deliver relevant, contextually-aware information that quickly addresses their challenge or resolves their query.

Easy Conversations and Transitions

The bots can easily take care of common queries and simple requests. For more complex requests, they can seamlessly transfer conversations to human agents. Either way, customers get the lightning-fast service and personalized support they expect.

Consistently Customer-focused

Bots may be machines but they don’t behave like machines! Deploy a smart bot that always focuses on the customer’s needs and delivers personalized experiences that impress, delight, and garner loyalty.

Intelligent Chatbots and Voicebots

Powered by Conversational AI and intelligent capabilities like sentiment analyzer, chatbots and voicebots effortlessly understand customer intent, gauge sentiments, and transfer conversations to a live agent based on predefined logic and intelligent decisions.

Conversational AI for Banks

Boost Sales, Reimagine Customer Service
and Drive Brand Loyalty with InfiBOT with

One bot, multiple channels – that’s the promise of InfiBOT!

Omnichannel Support

Give customers a quick, convenient way to bank with an automated chatbot that works across multiple digital channels. Extend human-like conversations with virtual agents, and scale up your bank’s contact center without increasing headcount or costs.

Quick Resolutions

Augment your human agent workforce with bots to deliver quick resolutions to Level 1 queries. You can even be available 24×7, so no customer is left unattended at any time

Fast Deployment

Quick no-code implementation, seamless conversation routing from bot to human agent, and personalized conversations at scale – InfiBOT brings all these capabilities to the banking industry..

Monitor and Improve Performance

Track bot performance, tweak workflows seamlessly, change logic, and publish updates instantly to improve performance over time.

InfiBOT seamlessly handles everyday
transactions, requests and questions

Leverage InfiBOT for Multiple Use Cases

seamless omnichannel engagement

Connect and Engage with Customers
on their Favorite Channels

Start a conversation on any channel and keep it going on any other channel for seamless, low-friction omnichannel engagement. Track every interaction in a unified agent desktop, so you never lose a single conversation or customer, and resolve every query to satisfy and delight customers.

Real time conversations through an easy interface

Drive greater satisfaction and loyalty

Text messaging

Expedite support and boost operational efficiency

Personalized interactions, delighted customers

Offer live assistance to speed up resolutions

Smart Banking AI

Scale Easily and at Lower Cost
With Intelligent AI

NovelVox brings the power of Artificial Intelligence to help banks meet new customer demands and ensure operational resilience. With the power of AI-based tools, banks can support customers better, gain a competitive advantage, and drive superior business outcomes. Best of all, these tools are scalable so banks can scale up or down as needs change.

End-to-end Flow Development

Meet customer needs at every stage of their journey, and deliver superior performance that ensures their loyalty.

100s of Predefined Banking Workflows

Pre-built workflows to quickly resolve common customer queries, including balance enquiries, loan applications, lost cards, account access issues, and more.

Enterprise-grade Customization

Customizable solutions that easily integrate into your existing infrastructure with minimum complexity.

Extensive intent library

Account Management

Spending & Savings

Order & Manage Checks

Loans and Lines of Credit

Credit & Debit Cards

Branch & ATM locator

Ready for the Future of Banking

Integration-ready, Scalable Technology
for Banks

Dozens of third-party integrations eliminate unnecessary silos, sync every business function, and deliver in-depth customer
information on-demand. NovelVox solutions are future-ready and scalable to help banks meet
customer demands now and in future.

Wide Contact Center Compatibility

NovelVox Solutions Compatible with All
Contact Centers

All NovelVox solutions work with all kinds of contact centers in banking environments. Regardless
of your setup, we have an offering that will satisfy all your support needs.

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