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Reduce Call Volume by 30% through smart IVR deflections to SMS and WhatsApp messaging channels

Free up call center queues by deflecting interactions to a messaging channel

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75% of customers believe it takes too long to reach a live agent.

High call volumes have always been painful for contact centers as it puts customers in queues while increasing the call waiting time. The longer the wait times are, the higher the customer frustration will be. It’s stressful for agents too as customers frustrate & complain more when they have to wait for too long. This emerges the need for smart IVR deflections that enables a customer to choose an alternate channel( such as messaging) and get the query resolved instantly without waiting in the queue.

NovelVox helps reduce inbound call volumes by offering a smart IVR deflection solution that deflects an interaction to a messaging channel such as WhatsApp or SMS. On busy contact center days, the IVR gives the customer an option to switch to a messaging channel where the query can be addressed by a virtual assistant, a human agent, or a mix of both. This frees up call queues and improves the customer experience.


  • IVR deflection to human agents: Reduce call volumes by enabling customers to connect to an agent over a messaging channel
  • IVR deflection to chatbots: Maximize productivity by deflecting voice calls to AI-powered chatbots over SMS or WhatsApp


Key Highlights

Challenges contact centers face with high call volumes

An ideal solution to free up call queues and improve customer experience

How NovelVox IVR Deflection help reduce call volumes

Enablement of IVR deflections to SMS and WhatsApp

IVR deflections to virtual assistants and human agents over messaging channels

Leveraging nextgen integrations to deliver contextual conversations

Download this Use Case to understand the NovelVox IVR deflection mechanism in-depth. Learn how it works and help reduce call volumes.

Reduce Call Volume with IVR Deflection

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