Single interface to do it all

Supervisors do not need to toggle between applications or gadgets to monitor the agent’s performance, view queue summary, take actions related to reskilling and more for optimized performance.

  • Unified view of agent and call stats
  • Monitor agent performance in real-time
  • Reset agent password, state and more
Cisco Finesse Supervisor Desktop

Improve customer experience

Instead of switching screens, the supervisor can keep all focus on, call monitoring and improving agent skills. Further, the supervisor can enhance customer experience by altering the agent state and reducing the wait time.

  • Live barge-in to improve call resolution
  • Assist agents for next actionable with chat assistance
  • Force change of agent’s state to reduce customer hold time
Cisco Finesse Supervisor Desktop

Increase agent efficiency

Supervisors can motivate and monitor each agent’s performance with continuous and real-time updates on team statistics and insights from historical reporting. This helps the contact center achieve desired results

  • Notification on KPI achieved or breached
  • Agent reskilling to improve performance
  • Broadcast messages to the team for instant action/notifying a change
Cisco Finesse Supervisor Desktop

Pre-Built Gadgets

Agent Performance Dashboard Gadget

Ticketing Gadget

Customer Management Gadget

Knowledge Base Gadget


Agent to Agent/Supervisor Chat & Broadcast Gadget

Agent Personal Phonebook Gadget


Agent Scripting Gadget

Call Disposition Gadget

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