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Seamlessly integrate Cisco phone system into Salesforce to personalize caller experience

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Salesforce CTI Connector for Cisco Contact Center

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Boost agent efficiency for Cisco Contact Centers
with Smart CTI Connector for Salesforce

Salesforce Cisco integration helps deliver an enriched experience to customers and empowers agents with quick call controls, custom screen pop, and automated workflows for better Average Call Handling Time (AHT) and improved First Call Resolution (FCR).

Integrated Call Control within Salesforce

NovelVox offers out-of-the-box Salesforce Cisco integration to drive customer interactions through an integrated agent interface embedded into the Salesforce screen.

cisco cti integration with salesforce: Integrated Call Control within Salesforce
cisco salesforce integration

Productivity Add-ons for Increased Agent Efficiency

Agent productivity gadgets from NovelVox for Cisco CTI in Salesforce empower agents to offer consistent customer experience.

Enhanced Reporting and Call Management

Leverage our Cisco Salesforce CTI Connector to deliver better outcomes for both agents and customers.

cisco finesse salesforce integration: Enhanced Reporting and Call Management
cisco cti salesforce

Pre-built Integrations to Break the Silos

Out-of-the-box integrations with 75+ business apps including core industry apps, ticketing, etc., and agent productivity tools from NovelVox with Salesforce to optimize Cisco Contact Center operations.

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Computer Telephony Integration, or CTI, is a technology that connects a phone system to computer programs such as CRM or a ticketing application to enable agents to receive telephony information and control telephony functions – all within one single screen. Cisco CTI Connectors connect the Cisco telephony call controls and functionalities with the CRM due to which agents are able to receive as well as place calls from within the CRM. The call variables, contacts, and other relevant data from the Cisco database are seamlessly integrated within the CTI interface to equip agents with all call controls and actions from an embedded CTI interface.
NovelVox Smart CTI Connector for Salesforce seamlessly embeds within the Salesforce application to allow agents to perform inbound and outbound calling operations without leaving the CRM. Salesforce contacts are automatically screen popped for existing outbound customer calls which provides agents with quick access to relevant customer information all the time. Call variables such as ANI from the Cisco Finesse database are displayed over the CTI screen which saves agents to switch between the two applications to fetch interaction details.
Once the solution is deployed, use the dial pad to dial a contact number. The search bar can be used to search a contact saved in the Cisco Finesse/CRM contacts. To automate outbound dialing operations, use the “click to call’ functionality provided in the Salesforce application. Simply, open up a contact you wish to contact in Salesforce, click on the phone icon placed next to the contact name, and that’s it. The call will be placed instantly. Thus, Cisco Finesse Salesforce integration saves agents from accidental misdials and hence improves their productivity.
Agents won’t have to copy and paste numbers using two different applications. The integration will save them from toggling between the screens just to fetch relevant information and ultimately contact customers through manually dialing. Quick call controls and collaboration would improve agents’ efficiency while enhancing CX drastically.



Supported Versions_Salesforce

Supported Versions_Cisco


Lightning & Classic




Salesforce Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, Financial Services Cloud, Health Cloud, and High-Velocity Sales



On-cloud deployment is possible with NovelVox’s serverless CTI connectors. We support two types of deployments for Smart CTI Connectors – On Cloud or serverless and On-premise. The on-premise setup places the server components within the client’s premises whereas the serverless setup utilizes one of the cloud solutions such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, or private clouds to host the server components.
Besides effortless Salesforce Cisco Finesse integration, Smart CTI Connector comes up with a powerful suite of agent productivity features such as click-to-call, automatic call logging & wrap-ups, data-rich screen pops, and more. It equips them with a suite of advanced call controls and team collaboration functionalities such as CRM screen transfer, associate records, consult, conference, etc. It also saves a dedicated space within the CTI for supervision controls such as barge-in, agent state, silent monitoring, etc. Furthermore, global and team statistics are added to ensure everyone remains on the same page.
What our customers say

Mohammed Yasin

Agent desktop by NovelVox ensured better agent and customer experience. Its ability to easily customize and create gadgets as per our needs is truly amazing.

Mark Coleman

We no more need to worry about exposing all customer information from CRM and our internal data to agents. Agents now have access to only that information which they require for handling calls. We explored many solutions but NovelVox was the only one who delivered it. It’s been working great so far.

Tim Nicholas

NovelVox has helped us improve the overall agent-customer experience with not just the screen pop application, but also by building a desktop as per our specific requirements. It’s exactly what we needed.

Audrey Hill

I research and found NovelVox to be the one support with the condo with the different applications from ServiceNow to Salesforce to Excel, so with the different applications with one product they are so flexible.

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