Why Contact Center Wallboards have Taken Great Strides Forward in Recent Years


Today’s customers are smart, familiar with the digital world, and have little or no patience. Across every industry, it has become crucial to ensure that agents perform effectively and efficiently to offer a seamless customer experience. So, how do contact centers make sure they have the right data and KPIs?

To access the accurate metrics, achieve organisational objectives, monitor the efficiency levels, and guide agents better, a contact center wallboard is a great addition to businesses. It displays a real-time summary of various activities and gives a bird’s eye view of overall performance to the managers.

The information could include KPI targets, product or sales information, current trends, and more. The right blend of information shared in the right context at the right time helps staff deliver a high level of service to customers, enabling them to work efficiently and stay motivated. The omnichannel technology and detailed reporting have made it possible for contact center managers to measure a vast number of metrics and analyse them in myriad ways for better decision making.

Leading contact centers like Amazon Connect leverage Wallboards to take information from various data sources, aggregate it, consolidate it and display it on a user-friendly large screen in the contact center. They use the huge amount of data generated by contact center and convert it into focused, relevant, and actionable information. The visual output from wallboard solutions can also be displayed on agent desktops and supervisor tablets in an alert form highlighting the key statistics on a big single screen.

Why are wallboards relevant?

  • Increase ROI, by enhancing productivity
  • Motivational alerts boost the self-esteem
  • Real-time performance monitoring
  • Visual, audio alerts, SMS or email notification to know agent’s status – active, offline etc.
  • Broadcast messages for the floor
  • Flag up technical information
  • Deliver important information to the entire floor
  • To receive critical performance data in no time.
  • To lessen the time agents, supervisors and managers spend finding key information.
  • To access multiple contact center and enterprise systems data in a single, well-designed view.
  • To receive alerts and messages regarding goals and KPIs.
  • To manage information from multiple channels and telephony systems, such as email, instant messaging or live chat.
  • Let managers proactively manage the workforce.
  • Reduce agent turn-over and absenteeism by keeping them motivated
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The future of Wallboards in the coming times

As technologies transform the ways people live, businesses need to have information in the right order to serve effectively. The data produced by Amazon Connect wallboards comes from different sources and communication channels hence, the use of wallboards will surge. They will continue to play a pivotal role in displaying aggregated data and helping contact centers to remove limitations and promote better control and flexibility.

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