Unified View

Empower your agents to deliver enhanced customer experience by seamlessly embedding Smart CTI integrations within Salesforce at your Avaya contact centers. Get an integrated view of all customer information to swiftly and proactively assist them to provide personalized customer experience.

  • Unified customer view
  • No need to switch screens with Avaya CRM connector Salesforce integration
  • Ready integration Avaya contact centers
Salesforce Avaya CTI Connector

Ready Integration

Raise agents productivity with Avaya contact center integration with salesforce. Now agents can access information with their internal or any third-party application having an open API besides salesforce using Smart CTI Connector.

  • Add any other information including ticketing, other CRMs etc.
  • Avaya Salesforce connector empowers with instant customer assistance information
  • Ready integration with 70+ applications
Salesforce Avaya CTI Connector

Get the Needed Flexibility

Provide enhanced customer service using advanced features like Click to Dial, CRM transfer etc. with Avaya salesforce Integration. Improve your agent-customer interaction by offering personalized customer solutions.

  • Improved customer service
  • Advanced features like CRM, Click to Dial, enhanced reporting, etc.
  • Avaya CTI integration with Salesforce offers better call resolutions with happy customers
Salesforce Avaya CTI Connector

Enhanced User Experience

Improve your agents’ Average Handling Time (AHT) and offer faster First Call Resolution (FCR) by equipping them with a customized platform by integrating Salesforce CTI Connector at your Avaya contact center. Deliver advanced user experience by providing agents with an optimized integrated view of the customer.

  • Empower agents to handle more calls in less time
  • Intuitive tools and functionalities
  • Get industry-specific solutions
  • Competitive price structure
Salesforce Avaya CTI Connector

Pre-Built Gadgets

Agent Performance Dashboard Gadget

Ticketing Gadget

Customer Management Gadget

Knowledge Base Gadget


Agent to Agent/Supervisor Chat & Broadcast Gadget

Agent Personal Phonebook Gadget


Agent Scripting Gadget

Call Disposition Gadget

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