10 Reasons to Deploy Live Chat in Contact Center

Live Chat Software Solution

No doubt that 81% of customers use live support for communicating with a brand. (Salesforce) But do you also know that 29% of customers are frustrated by delayed or impersonal responses in live chat? (Kayako).

As technology develops, customers have higher expectations and demand more attention. Your clients are irritated by automated responses because they want to speak with someone. It’s time for contact centers to understand why they require live chat software in their current system since the world has now shifted to chat. Web Live Chat has become increasingly essential for the modern era due to online commerce.

When asked about customers’ preferences for support channels, clients say that they prefer live chat over social media, email, and even phone support. Why? Because live chat support is fast, efficient, and convenient.

Let us first understand what live chat is.

What is Live Chat?

Live Chat is a tool attached to your website that helps you interact with your visitors in real-time. Consequently,

it’s a handy communication that saves time for your support agents and your existing & potential clients.

  • Live chat allows you to answer questions about your products quickly, solve problems faster, and assure your customers that you are there when they need you.
  • Live chat is a simple yet very effective recipe for improving both customer service and loyalty.
  • With the ability to manage many conversations and give clients a seamless experience, live chat is the best customer interaction tool in contact centers.
  • Live chat is another way to help your customers decide their buyer’s journey. This opens the door to converting leads into customers or assisting existing ones, which would otherwise be challenging for agents due to their limited time.

What should we know about live chat

Why do Contact Centers Need Live Chat?

It’s comparable to “the requirement for speed” in contact centers. After facing a pretty bad reputation for so long, contact or call centers need to incorporate the use of a software tool that helps them overcome their issues. One of them is Web Live Chat Software.

Here are some advantages of live chat for contact centers.

For Customers:

Instead of having to wait for the first five to twenty minutes on an IVR, customers would prefer the option of connecting automatically to a conversation with a real person. They value the fact that their issues can be resolved with a single click. Waiting becomes easier just by the perception of someone’s name and face typing on the other side of the chat window. Contrarily, phone support leaves clients with ambiguous wait times, and most of them dislike having to sit through minutes of the same music on repeat.

Let’s discuss how live chat can save customers’ lives.

  1. When live chat is used in call centers, customers can connect with a brand more quickly.
  2. Compared to traditional call support, they receive a quicker resolution to their issues.
  3. They can multitask while utilizing live chat software for contact centers to receive assistance. In fact, 51% of businesses prefer to multitask by using live chat support.
  4. Live chat improves the support experience for clients.
  5. Live chat reduces repetition for your customers.


For Agents:

Chat capabilities enable employees to handle four to five separate consumers simultaneously instead of just one customer during phone calls. Live chat is one of the best Web Chat Solutions, which shortens the response time for each inquiry and makes it possible for them to use their live chat capabilities to end conversations more quickly.

For Agents

  1. They can monitor client activity on the website in real-time and even go out of their way to speak with them via live chat in the contact center at key times.
  2. They can manage several chats at once to cut down on wait times for support.
  3. Integrating chat into your call center allows them to analyze typical consumer problems and offer a solution quickly.
  4. They can efficiently shorten response times by utilizing tools like chat routing and prefabricated responses.
  5. Even when they aren’t at their workstations, they can prevent the chance of missing out on support possibilities.
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Why You Need Live Chat in Contact Center?

We need to deploy live chat in the contact center as it is an inevitable online tool that brings your communication effectiveness to a higher level. It’s effortless to install and convenient to manage. Live chat software has become a must-have tool for all businesses that want to stay competitive in the modern market.

Live chat has transformed over time into tried-and-true lead generation, sales, and customer support platforms. It offers a great approach to interacting with clients, developing deep, lasting relationships with them, and enhancing their brand experiences. Live chat also benefits your organization since it can help you qualify leads faster, boost conversions, and generate more revenue.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the pool of live chat benefits. Here are some reasons why we should deploy live chat in contact centers.

1. Improved customer experience

Let us face it; no one likes to be put on hold. If you are making your customers wait forever before receiving their calls, they will likely get tired of it and move on to another place where they can find the support or the answers they need. In this fast-paced modern age, consumers are getting used to receiving help right when needed. This is precisely why live chat software is so valuable, as it enables real-time communication with a support agent.

Customers also favor live chat since it enables them to contact customer service without interrupting other activities. Therefore, you must integrate live chat with your knowledge base as soon as feasible if you want to maximize its benefits.

As a result, your Web Live Chat support representatives will instantly have solutions to the most frequent questions at their fingertips to offer to your clients. This ensures that each customer interacting with your brand gets the appropriate responses straight away, leading to many more delighted and devoted customers.

2. 24×7 Availability

Even when live agents are not accessible, live chatbots offer a quick and efficient approach to serving customers. In a post-COVID environment, when many support teams are either reduced in number, working remotely, or doing both, this is a significant advantage. You can modify bots based on frequently asked questions. Without human assistance, scripts with approachable language and suitable responses can create lively discussions and provide beneficial client results. You can use bots to measure CX and gather critical customer feedback that can then be analyzed to initiate improvements.

3. Increase conversion and sales

While browsing a website, prospective customers might have questions about the product or service. Getting them to take a demo will help. But most websites have multiple demo buttons and forms, making prospects lose interest. Live chat support can convert leads into loyal customers and help you give instant answers while they are still on your website, actively considering a purchase. You can even use live chat tools to share calendars so your prospects can block a convenient time. Live chat can drive conversions and sales when utilized as standby sales assistants: helpful when required and hidden when not.

Better customer profiling is another reason live chat increases sales and the average order value. The live chat option allows service agents to have a complete customer profile that they can use to customize the experience. An e-commerce company can easily know who abandoned their cart and whose free coupon expires soon. Web Live Chat helps your sales team nudge hesitant shoppers towards a transaction. It is similar to drip emails but simpler.

4. Live chat facilitates customer onboarding and acquisition.

Live chat is a fantastic Live Chat Solution technique to engage with potential and brand new clients and give them the assurance they require to use your product or make a purchase from your website. According to a research study, consumers who use chat are 2.8 times more likely to convert than those who don’t. Even if your consumers don’t need to communicate right then and there, making yourself accessible to them fosters trust.

5. Live chat helps your consumers use less repetition.

Nobody likes having to explain the problem they are repeatedly experiencing. In fact, 72% of consumers anticipate an agent automatically knowing their specifics, such as their support history and product specifications, without asking.

Agents can read the content the consumer has provided while reviewing other information they can access, thanks to superior live chat customer service software. It might also contain information about the user’s current screen and comments about their previous contacts with customer service.

6. Live chat increases customer engagement.

You’ll probably notice increased engagements if you make live chat easily accessible. While some users may switch from email or phone support to chat, a chunk of the growth will come from users who discover chat and realize they can seek assistance rather than giving up and potentially abandoning your product entirely. Increased customer contact presents an opportunity to leave a positive first impression and encourage repeat business.

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7. Live chat can give you an edge over your competition.

If your rivals don’t offer live chat or offer poor chat support, you have the opportunity to do it correctly and win their business.

If you were a consumer attempting to choose between two items in a hurry, would you pick up the phone & call assistance to get your questions addressed, or would you be more enticed by the business that was easily accessible on their website? Most individuals prefer to chat instead of calling when they have a query. More than half of customers choose live chat support over-the-phone assistance.

8. Live chat data helps inform product decisions.

One major perk to providing chat support is all the data you can collect. Depending on your live chat software, you should be able to store, organize, & tag chats to filter them for review later. You may also get information that helps your support, product, and marketing teams by taking the time upfront to filter and review discussions.

9. Produce quick feedback

Getting clients to complete feedback surveys is difficult, but doing so is essential for improving your customer service (as well as your products). Live chat doesn’t just have to be for customer service; you can also use it to encourage visitor feedback by asking them to complete a brief survey that only takes a few seconds.

10. Boosts agent productivity

One of the most significant internal advantages of live chat is greater productivity. Chat agents can assist multiple consumers at once, use pre-written replies to respond quickly to questions, and use scripting for the most frequent conversational subjects. Faster resolution and shorter wait times are the results of all of this.

NovelVox’s Stand on Live Chat – CX Infinity

Now boost context-relevant service at scale with Novelvox CX Infinity live chat for contact centers. This tool will easily turn conversations into leads. With live chat integration, your agents can access relevant customer and product information without switching screens. Features like agent sneak peek allow them to read the text the customer is typing to deliver an appropriate response.

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