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Achieving success together

NovelVox​ is an innovative Software Development company specializing in Contact Center Agent Desktops. Our workforce is 95% technical, we rely on our partners to sell.

We work with partners to deliver powerful bespoke Cisco Finesse Agent Desktops to end customers.

Learn how to create complete Cisco Finesse Agent Desktops using NovelVox’s Finesse Gadget Designer to stand out from the competition.

Sell fully customized Agent Desktops today

Supply additional Professional Services

Re-sell developed Finesse Gadgets and Desktops

Optimize and Upgrade features with a few clicks

Reduce your development costs

Talk to us now about becoming a partner

Working together to secure your first customer

The first one is always the hardest!

NovelVox will provide extensive assistance to help you secure your first deal. These include:

  • Building a POC to help with your pitch
  • Attending technical demonstrations as part of your team
  • Providing marketing assistance

We do everything we can to help you secure your deal.

man and friends working together as partners

Your first project and beyond

projects of novelvox and partner

We know how difficult it is to learn a new technology and keep all your customers happy at the same time. This is why we have the NovelVox Support Program.

This program provides:

  • Hand-held support for your first project
  • Training your engineers to use NovelVox technology
  • Project support including any customer development of Gadgets
  • Implementation and Deployment assistance

This program is to allow you to design, implement and support your customers without NovelVox.

Building long term customer relationships

Finesse Gadget Designer can be used to create or upgrade existing Cisco Finesse gadgets or agent desktops quickly and reliably.

When your customers request changes, you can react quickly and deliver exactly what they want in a timely and cost effective manner.

Why would your customers go any where else?

colleagues supporting a partner woman

Supporting you all the way

Our 24/7 Support Center will ensure all your projects with NovelVox are successful and trouble free.

Our experienced support team has supported enterprise organizations comprising of 10,000 agents and smaller firms with 5 agents. What ever the size and expectation, NovelVox will deliver.