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evolution of contact center
Contact Center Solutions

Evolution of Contact Center

Time has witnessed many business evolutions and one of them is the contact center. With new technologies stepping in, communication has become more advanced and integrated. From a single line call center, things have progressed to digitally-ready omnichannel communication. Today, the contact center offers personalized customer experience, faster resolution, and reduced operational costs. Let’s see […]

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NovelVox partnership with Bucher + Suter
Contact Center Solutions, News

NovelVox Joining Forces with Bucher + Suter

NovelVox products will soon be available on Cisco SolutionsPlus To create a memorable customer experience, it is essential for the contact center and enterprise application to have seamless integration. Otherwise, agents can frustrate callers in their retrieval of the required information, which leads to higher levels of frustration at both ends. To address the challenges […]

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call center agent scripting software
Agent Experience, Customer Experience

101 Guide to Call Center Agent Script

 “Good morning Mrs. Jenny, this is Emma calling from XYZ company. Can I have 5 minutes of your time……” Does this sound similar? Yes, the call center agent script it is. A report by Nuance states that even after the evolution and popularity of various online service tools, 79 percent of customers prefer to communicate […]

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Personalize customer service
Customer Experience

5 Ways to Offer Personalized Customer Service

“Personalization is not a trend, it’s a marketing tsunami”, Avi Dan Personalization targets an individual or prospective customer to build long-term relationships with the business. It is more of one-to-one marketing to make your prospect feel valued. Irrespective of the business domain or size, personalization assures you retention and growth of the user base. And, […]

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Cisco Finesse Mobile Agent App
Cisco Finesse Unified Agent Desktop

Enhance Remote Agent Connectivity & Customer Experience with NovelVox Cisco Finesse Mobile Agent App

Contact center operations today are not just providing services from a dedicated contact center using chat, calls, emails etc., but also extending all the core contact center capabilities to a remote user. A lot of the contact center professionals spend time on the field at remote locations or traveling due to their professional commitments. This […]

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