Amit Gandhi

(Founder and CEO)

Amit is the CEO at NovelVox. He looks after the Business Strategy for the organization. Amit is techie by heart and a fantastic speaker, a people-first leader, and has a neck of handling complex situations with ease.

Martin B. Katz

(VP- North America)

Martin is leading our Sales vertical for the North American region. With his rich experience in sales, Martin has successfully proven himself year on year meeting the desired sales target and helping NovelVox having its footmarks in the Western region.

Matej Mikle Barat

(Sales Director -Europe)

Matej is holding the European market for NovelVox. His rich experience in the Contact Center industry has assisted Novelvox in getting business from Europe.

Travis Grynowicki

(Technical Product Engineer)

Travis is our Product Expert who masters product demonstrations and deployment of new subscribers in North America. He plays the role of a technical asset for both internal and external contacts to ensure deliverables exceed expectations.

Ambuj Chaudhary

(Product Specialist – Middle East)

Ambuj leads the Pre-sales activities for the Middle East region. Ambuj comes with a technical background with 10 years of heart core coding experience. With an ocean of simplicity, Ambuj displays an amazing ability to handle various complex situations.

Anand Kumar Mishra

(Program Manager)

Anand is managing our project deliveries and leading the Project Management vertical at Novelvox. Anand holds a master’s degree in Computer Application and has 13+ years of experience.

Toshi Jain

(Head HR)

Toshi leads the whole bouquet of Talent Management at NovelVox. She has been playing a pivotal role in shaping the culture of NovelVox. With 13+ years of rich experience in strategic HR, competency development, talent acquisition, and performance management, she has reformed the Human Resource function at NV.

Rajat Ghildyal

(Principal Consultant)

Rajat is a deep thinker with an ability to look at the product with an extremely different angle. Along with technical knowledge, he also possesses impressive product management skills. Being one of the oldest members of the NovelVox family, Rajat has been an integral part of all our products.

Aditya Jaitly

(Marketing Specialist)

Aditya leads the Digital Marketing vertical at NovelVox. Aditya has extensive experience in content marketing, email marketing, SEO, landing page & CTA optimization, remarketing, analytics, and trend analysis. With his jovial nature, he cherishes a fantastic rapport across the organization.

Anmol Jain

(Contact Center Technical Analyst)

Anmol is leading the Pre-sales initiatives at NovelVox. He started his career from software development and shaped up to a complete business role making him a complete package. His ability to handle complex situations in client interactions makes him the master of customer success at NovelVox.

Bal Vikas Nirala

(Associate Engineering Manager – Product)

Vikas leads the Product Team at NovelVox. Vikas has a blend of technical mindset and project management skills. He has time and again proven his mettle by successfully launching NovelVox products, even in critical situations.

Gyan Singh

(Associate Project Manager)

Gyan is associated with NovelVox for more than eight years now and has played a critical role in Project Management, especially for the Middle-East zone. With his rich product knowledge and sound technical background, Gyan owns the technical solutions of all projects at NovelVox globally.

Rahul Gupta

(Finance and Accounts Specialist)

Rahul is leading the Finance and Accounting vertical of NovelVox. He takes care of all accounts, financial services, budgeting, reporting, and compliances. Sportsman by heart and a die heart fan of Cricket, Rahul is a champ of carrom at NovelVox. He is simply flawless in his work.

Riaz Ansari

(Tech Lead)

Riaz is leading our project deliveries for the APAC region. With his great sense of humor and strong product knowledge, Riaz has been delivering successful projects. Apart from being a techie, Riaz also has an interest in photography.

Parinita Sehgal

(Tech Lead)

Parinita is leading our project deliveries for the Western region. With a strong self-learning ability, she has proven herself time and again in delivering successful and smooth projects. She is a great mentor for her team.

Manash Tripathi

(Tech Lead)

Manash is a very seasoned techie who is passionate about his work. With his calm and quiet nature, he also cherishes a strong bond within the team.

Vineet Arora

(Tech Lead)

Vineet is our Rockstar with his interest in playing Guitar. He is a techie who is always enthusiastic about his work. With his sound technical knowledge, he often volunteers in various org level initiatives like interns training, campus hiring, Code Fest, etc.

Priyanka Saini

(Design Manager)

Priyanka is leading our complete Design (UI/UX) vertical. With her customer focussed designing skills and detail-oriented approach, she is known for her quality deliveries. She is one of the key members who assisted in transforming NovelVox products.


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