Boost Contact Center Performance With The Magic Of Wallboard Data

Contact Center Performance

“How are my agents performing? What’s the average handle time for the day? Is the announcement on pitch seen by all? Who is today’s top performer…” These and many other related queries are answered well through the wallboard.

What is a contact center wallboard? Today, customers have a low level of patience and high expectation that makes access to real-time information and demands crucial for a supervisor and agent. This is possible with the wallboard. It helps understand customer satisfaction quota, revenue, agent’s performance stat, and more. But wallboard is not a notice board to put motivational messages.

Call center wallboard is a real-time performance monitoring tool offering visual communication of stats and planning of next steps required for boosting sales and performance to increase customer satisfaction. Some significant benefits of using a wallboard include

  • Contact center performance optimization
  • Integration with CRM and other 3rd party applications
  • Increase productivity and revenue
  • Identify top and low performing agents
  • Communicate information to everyone on the floor
  • Motivate agents to perform even better
  • Instant alert notification for KPI threshold

With the above-mentioned and many other benefits, NovelVox offers a range of NextGen wallboards for its Cisco, Avaya and Genesys contact centers including

NovelVox iVision Wallboards

Seat Plan Wallboard

It works as per the seating plan of your contact center. iVision Seat Plan Wallboard offers a ‘bird’s eye view’ of contact center seating and can be changed as per the requirements. You can constantly gaze at the agents/seats in not-ready or struggle with some issue. This can be used by management to view entire contact center operations with a multi-site seat glance.

Gamification Wallboard

To break the monotony of generic number display and robotic screen, NovelVox created iVision gamified wallboard templates. Being a better way to motivate agents, these wallboards create happy agents leading to have more satisfied customers. It offers self-tracking for agents to measure AHT, FCR, and other general progress.

Digital Signage Wallboard

Specially designed for the healthcare industry, iVision Digital Signage wallboard is what visitors or patients wish to see on entering your hospital. It offers seamless integration with an internal database and CRM and other 3rd party applications. Multiple screens are incorporated into a unified screen that keeps updating in real-time. It optimizes the agent’s productivity eliminating the need to gather operational information. They can guide the patients/visitors on the registration process and more. These wallboards free the administrative teams for more critical tasks that create a better patient experience.

Touch Wallboard

To ease the life of the supervisor or managers, NovelVox has created the iVision Touch wallboard. This mobile application enables the supervisor to monitor agent performance even when not on the floor so that there is no miss by any chance. The immediate alerts on a single dashboard are all a manager needs. Further, it offers seamless integration with 3rd party applications for real-time updates.

What’s unique with NovelVox?

  • 50+ intuitive wallboard template
  • Graphical representation of data in a gamified manner
  • Simple drag and drop designer studio without any need for coding
  • Seamless integration with 3rd party applications
  • Monitor and manage KPI with instant alerts
  • HTML5 based call center wallboard
  • Mobile Dashboards for smartphones and tablets
  • Real-time view of individual or team performance
  • Multilingual

There’s a lot more to know and experiment with NovelVox iVision Wallboards that will revolutionize your agent and customer experience.

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