iVision Plus Gamification Wallboards for Contact Centers

iVision Gamification Wallboards for contact centers offer a new dimension to contact center agent management and motivation.

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Empower Your Agents With
iVision Gamification Wallboards

Empower your agents with iVision Gamification Wallboards that offers real-time contact center data in a ‘gamified’ manner that motivates agents to do better. iVision Gamification is compatible with Cisco gamification, Genesys and Avaya Contact Center Platforms.

‘Gamification’ Wallboards to Supercharge your Contact Center Agents

A new way to motivate your agents

There is now a better way to manage employee performance, motivation and learning. Gamification is all around us, from Fitness Trackers to Goal Orientated activities. Instant gratification is the new normal. With the help of contact center gamification, agents, like the rest of us, can see how they are performing in real-time and show others of their achievements.

Happy Agents, Happy Customers

Gamification in customer service helps managers of contact centers to motivate and manage their agents, by driving and responding to positive behaviors that lead to better customer service quality and satisfaction. Let your agents self-track their progress, measure AHT, FCR and more to drive on-the-job learning.

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