Cisco Finesse Agent Desktop: The Backbone Of Contact Center Operations for Many Industries

Backbone Of Contact Center Operations

Today’s customers are looking for Connected Digital Experiences, regardless of which brand they engage with, or on which channels. Digitally-savvy customers in the particular switch between channels and touchpoints as they move down their buying journey and finally convert. But along the way, they want brands and their contact centers to know their history, resolve their queries, provide responsive service, and deliver personalized customer experiences. The Cisco Finesse Unified Agent Desktop from NovelVox enables contact centers to deliver all these benefits to customers. And that’s what makes it the backbone of contact center operations.

Disparate Platforms, Unhappy Agents

As a vital part of an organization’s customer support operations, a contact center needs to be strengthened with the right tools and applications that can simplify and streamline these operations. Whether it’s helpdesk software, CRM, knowledgebase search, or live chat, agents need several applications to interact with customers and provide the tailored service they need (and demand).

However, disparate platforms with little or no technical or process integration create more problems than they solve. At the least, agents are forced to alt-tab their way through many different tools as they look for customer data, navigate complex workflows, and even use unproductive copy/cut/paste shortcuts to move conversations along. These issues don’t just increase AHT and lower FCR; they also frustrate agents and affect their at-work performance.

One Platform, Happy Agents…and Happy Customers!

The Cisco Finesse Agent Desktop solves this problem. This thin client desktop eliminates the need for redundant searching by bringing multiple applications under one streamlined platform. It enables single-search capabilities and allows agents to easily access the data they need to respond to customers by name quickly, build rapport right from the first Hello, and quickly resolve their queries.

With the agent desktop, all the applications they require to serve a customer are available under a single umbrella in a non-intrusive manner. This means they no longer need to navigate a complex workflow with too many open applications. Instead, they can focus on the customer and the conversation. This is more likely to yield positive results for the customer, such as faster resolutions and no unnecessary transfers or holds to improve their experience and ensure their long-term loyalty. Delivering great service also positively impacts agents’ experiences, enhancing their performance and decreasing employee churn.

Connected Digital Experiences – From a Single Screen

As customers effortlessly jump between channels, they expect contact centers to make the jump right along with them. Missing critical information about them, such as their contact details, prior purchase history, or previous interaction history, can lead to frustrated customers, leading to lost customers.

With an integrated agent desktop, agents can deliver unified customer support and connected omnichannel digital experiences across multiple channels, including phone, email, social media, and live chat, from one centralized location. All the necessary support tools are available in the same familiar interface, so they don’t have to log into multiple screens to access information from different channels. They can easily start new conversations or continue existing discussions, regardless of channel or customer. This boosts customer satisfaction and increases agent productivity so that they can serve more customers better and faster.

360° Customer Views + Context = Great Conversations + Faster Resolutions

The Cisco Finesse agent desktop effortlessly connects to the contact center’s CRM platform, whether it’s Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics. They can quickly review customer information in a single window with a “screen pop”. They no longer waste time looking for this information in a different application, and they avoid annoying customers by asking them to verify their details more than once.

The right data – and more importantly, the complete data – is easily available in the right context so the agent immediately knows key pieces of specific information about the customer, such as who they are, what their issue is, where they are in the buying lifecycle, etc. This helps drive richer, more meaningful conversations while ensuring faster issue resolution and greater customer satisfaction.

Create and Prioritize Service Tickets

Create and Prioritize Service Tickets

The NovelVox Cisco Finesse unified agent desktop offers a huge integration library for Cisco contact centers, including integrations for 3rd party ticketing applications like ServiceNow and Zendesk. It also includes a ticketing gadget. These features simplify the process of ticket creation and management. Agents can also prioritize tickets with ease so that no tickets get lost or are left unprocessed to affect the contact center’s support pipeline adversely.

With a single pane of glass view experience, agents can quickly view customer details, create tickets, and deliver optimized customer service. They can also access open tickets based on IVR inputs to proactively address callers’ issues and provide seamless experiences.

Equally important, the agent desktop minimizes error-prone data entry since agents no longer have to bring up the “right” system to enter a new ticket. It displays the correct fields in an easy-to-understand format and the back end takes care of all changes and updates to internal databases.

Less Training and Faster Agent Onboarding

Without the Cisco agent desktop, contact centers usually find that each new application increases the learning and management complexity for existing and new agents. They must train on individual apps and learn how to navigate through a forest of them quickly. Even with extensive training, they may have to rely on cheat sheets to guide them through customer conversations, which again distracts them and lowers each customer interaction’s quality and timeliness.

But with a Cisco Finesse Unified Agent Desktop, these pressures disappear. Since they have to master only one solution, learning complexity is reduced, which lowers training time and ensures that agents can work faster. And when they do, they already have all the necessary knowledge and training to promptly and accurately respond to each customer. This again offers numerous benefits, such as improved customer engagement, lower AHT, and increased FCR.

Multiple Industries, Easily Customizable Unified Agent Desktop: From NovelVox

Easily Customizable Unified Agent Desktop

The Cisco Finesse Unified Agent Desktop for UCCE, UCCX, PCCE, and CUCM can be easily customized for any industry and organization without any coding or technical sleight-of-hand. Its simple drag-and-drop designer tool, pre-built gadgets, and industry-specific features enable contact centers in multiple sectors to provide quality, intuitive customer service.

For instance, the Cisco Finesse Unified Agent Desktop for banking and finance institutions easily integrates with core banking applications like Jack & Henry, Symitar, Fiserv, etc. to provide a single glass pane view that simplifies life for agents. Agent desktops can be customized by the department, such as phone banking, cards, loans, etc. so agents access only the most relevant details to deliver prompt and timely support. Similarly, the Unified Agent Desktop for healthcare is integrated with EMR/EHR like EPIC, Cerner, Aetna, etc. which provides agents with an integrated view of caller information like previous appointment status, the reason for calling, physicians’ availability, etc. on a single screen. Based on this contextual data, they can manage appointments, raise service requests, and do a lot more to help customers, right from their desktop.

NovelVox also provides fully customizable Cisco Finesse Unified Agent Desktops for other industries including telecom, insurance, credit unions, retail, and government. These Unified Agent Desktop are the backbone for hundreds of contact centers all over the world – and for good reason! To book a free demo for your contact center, get in touch.

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