Unified View

Enhance your First Call Resolution (FCR) rate and decrease Average Handling Time (AHT) by offering a single screen view to your agents by integrating all your third-party applications with Cisco contact center.

  • Easy and simple integrations to 3rd party applications
  • Easily read & write data for quicker call disposition
  • Deliver an exceptional omnichannel customer experience
Cisco Finesse Agent Desktop

Cisco Contact Center Biggest Library of Integration

Integrate your Cisco Finesse agent desktop with any 3rd party application having an open API, be it a CRM, Ticketing, EMR/EHR, Banking Applications, or Legacy systems. Choose from the library of 70+ applications. Connect with your database using the Universal Connector. Cisco finesse integration with some of the popular applications:

  • CRM: Salesforce, MS Dynamics, Sugar CRM, Zoho CRM, Hubspot
  • Ticketing: Zendesk, ServiceNow, Freshdesk
  • Banking & Credit Union: Symitar, Jack Henry, FIS, FISERV
  • Healthcare: EPIC, Cerner, Aetna
Biggest library of Integrations

Greet Customers with Their First Name

Deliver experiential customer service by greeting the customers with their first names as the agent will now have access to the customer details prior to answering the call. No more revalidating the customer info to pull records.

  • Collect customer details without any copy/paste
  • Say “hello” to the customer using the first name
  • Agents will have all the required details to easily validate the caller
Cisco Finesse Agent Desktop

Switch Screen by IVR Inputs

Use Cisco Finesse Agent Desktop to enhance FCR and deliver faster call resolution. Be able to dynamically populate the required information by knowing the reason for the call.

  • Switch screens as per calls based on IVR variables
  • Provide agents with relevant information instantly
  • Enhance customer satisfaction with faster call resolution
Cisco Finesse 12.0 Agent Desktop

Get Optimized Agent Desktop as Per Business

Why bother working with a standard agent desktop when you can get a customized Finesse 12 agent desktop as per your unique business needs.

  • Optimize your business using industry-specific agent desktop templates
  • Get a unique agent desktop as per each department’s needs
  • Adopt the agent desktops as per the branding guidelines—from logo to brand, colors and fonts
Cisco Finesse Agent Desktop

Use Drag & Drop Designer to Easily Modify Desktop

Use simple and easy Drag & Drop Designer Studio to modify the Cisco Finesse 12 Agent Desktop. The gadget designer studio is the industry’s first designer studio which makes customization very easy—so much so that you can do it by yourself without any coding.

  • Design and customize desktops as per the requirements
  • Choose from a wide range of industry-specific agent desktop templates
  • Pre-built in gadgets
Cisco Finesse Agent Desktop

Pain-Free CAD/CSD to Finesse Migration

Make your CAD/CSD to Finesse migration pain-free with most powerful Agent & Supervisor desktops, you won’t miss what you loved.

  • Add keyboard shortcuts (hotkeys) for common agent actions.
  • Agent to Agent and Supervisor chat.
  • Personalized and Global Phonebook.
  • Real-time team state monitoring.
  • Focus Agent Finesse Page automatically on call arrival.
  • Support for Right to Left Languages.
  • Dynamic screen switching based on user roles.
  • Compact CTI functionality.
Cisco Finesse 12.0 Agent Desktop

Cisco Finesse Agent Desktop by NovelVox is an advanced contact center solution that caters to the needs of agents and customers simultaneously. From increasing agent efficiency to improving CSAT, the cisco agent desktop takes care of everything. The solution is designed to have only context-specific interaction without making the customer stay on hold for long.

This Cisco Finesse desktop application works on powerful and seamless integration with 3rd party applications. Subsequently offering a unified view of customer information even before answering the call. With agent desktop businesses can rest assured about customer experience and expectations related to smart agents. This is going to boost the contact center’s reputation in no time. Cisco Unified Desktop is the right technology offered for the right solution.

Industry-specific Solutions

Unified Agent Desktop for Banking & Finance

NovelVox provides Cisco Finesse 12 Unified Agent Desktop for banking and finance institutions which provides you easy integration with core banking applications like Jack Henry & Associates, FIS, Fiserv, Infosys Finacle, etc to provide a single glass pane view to contact center agents. Get department-wise unique customized desktop, compatible with UCCE/UCCX/CUCM/PCCE, so that the agent access only the required details of that particular department like phone banking, cards, loans, etc.

Unified Agent Desktop for Telecom

NovelVox has been providing customized contact center solutions for the telecom industry for over a decade now. Cisco Finesse 12 Agent Desktop provides an integrated agent experience with over 70 third-party applications, including GIS, SAP, SIEBEL etc by offering a unified view of all caller information even before the call is answered by the agent. This enables the agent to reduce Average call Handling Time (AHT) and enhance First Call Resolution (FCR), thereby improving overall contact center productivity.

Unified Agent Desktop for Healthcare

Unified Agent Desktop for healthcare industry will assist agents in catering to all patient requests and requirements promptly without wasting time looking for information. Cisco Finesse 12 Agent Desktop makes it possible by providing an integrated view of all the caller information like previous appointment status, the reason for the call, availability of physicians, etc. on a single screen. It offers seamless integration with Epic, Cerner, Aetna, All Scripts, Telmed IQ, and other core platforms, enabling agents to access the right information at the right time.

Unified Agent Desktop for Insurance

Cisco Finesse 12 Unified Agent Desktop for insurance industry offers one-of-a-kind industry-specific agent experience. It provides ready integration of Cisco contact centers with third-party applications such as Guidewire and Oracle which include ticketing, CRM, etc. The agent desktops are customized as per the department/business needs where you can integrate various information on a single screen so that the agent has access to the required details at their fingertips.

Unified Agent Desktop for Credit Union

Unified Agent Desktop for credit union provides easy integration with Jack Henry, Fiserv DNA Core, Symitar Episys, FIS application with Cisco Finesse and Avaya contact centers. Unified agent desktop provides the agents with a single screen view of all the caller details. With Unified Agent Desktop, the agent is ready with all the caller information as soon as the call gets connected—no need for copy/paste to gather member information. This reduces AHT and improves agent call resolutions.

Unified Agent Desktop for Retail

Unified Agent Desktop for retail are optimized as per the industry requirements. With Unified Agent Desktop, agents are able to address the customer’s queries and concerns swiftly and with ease. It offers seamless integration with third-party applications, including Salesforce, Servicenow, Zoho, SAP, Sugar CRM, and more. The agents have access to information like warranty status, stock availability, store details, etc. which enables them to handle more calls in less time.

Unified Agent Desktop for Government Entities

Let your agents provide specialized department wise solutions to the citizens with Cisco Finesse 12 Unified Agent Desktop for government entities. NovelVox provides unified unique desktops per the department requirements which provides agents the necessary information to handle the calls for that particular department. It offers integration with leading third-party applications, including Workday and IBM 400 to provide an integrated view of information to the agent.

Pre-Built Gadgets

Agent Performance Dashboard Gadget

Ticketing Gadget

Customer Management Gadget

Knowledge Base Gadget


Agent to Agent/Supervisor Chat & Broadcast Gadget

Agent Personal Phonebook Gadget


Agent Scripting Gadget

Call Disposition Gadget

Seamless Integration with

  • Salesforce Integration
  • MS-Dynamics Integration
  • Sugar-CRM Integration
  • Sagecrm Integration
  • CRM-360 Integration
  • ServiceNow Integration
  • zendesk Integration
  • freshdesk Integration
  • bmc-Remedy Integration
  • SAP Integration
  • Hubspot Integration
  • Oracle-Healthcare Integration
  • Symitar Integration
  • JackHenry Integration
  • FIS Integration
  • Fiserv Integration
  • Infosys-Finacle Integration
  • LAWSON Integration
  • Epic Integration
  • Cerner Integration
  • Aetna Integration
  • Siebel Integration
  • TelmedIQ Integration
  • Tibco Integration
  • ZOHO Integration
  • Nice Integration
  • Calabrio Integration
  • Uptivity Integration
  • Verint Integration
  • Microsoft-Active-Directory Integration
  • MS-Excel Integration
  • IBM-AS Integration
  • eGain Integration
  • upstreamworks Integration
  • SimCom Integration

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