5 Ways in Which Insurance Companies can Leverage Cisco Live Chat

Live Chat Solutions

According to the study, “94% of the customers who proactively engaged with live chat were very or somewhat satisfied with the experience.”

Trust is an integral part of the agent-customer relationship. To be a thriving organization in the dust of competition, you need to ensure your customers are capable enough to serve with integrity and ensure exceptional customer experience and trust. Cementing customer relationships is essential to building customer trust in the insurance sector.

The best way to gain customers’ trust is by offering real-time, personalized, and reliable support throughout their entire journey with the organization. Various leading insurance companies have revealed their success mantra that real-time communication helps them increase their organizations’ productivity and boost sales.

Live chat for Insurance Companies

An ideal insurance company must focus on delivering a next-level experience to its customers. How? Through optimizing customer engagement. Cisco is committed to ensuring live chat solutions that accelerate the capabilities of your customer engagement and enhance your operational excellence. Cisco Live chat equips insurance agents with a robust and secure platform to handle real-time customer queries right from their Cisco Finesse interface and solve them to meet their expectations.

Quick, personal, and compelling live chat support helps reduce service costs and boost sales.
Furthermore, Integrating Cisco Contact Center with Live Chat brings you closer to your agents. The agents feel empowered as they can access all interactions from one unified screen. Cisco Live Chat Integration allows agents instant access to relevant customer and product information without switching screens. Features like Agent Sneak Peek allow them to read the text the customer is typing to deliver an appropriate response.

And most importantly, it will give an impression to customers that the company is there for them and strengthen their trust. Live chat has revolutionized the insurance industry with more effective, cost-saving, and more informed and efficient customer journeys. There are many success stories surrounding the improvement in service provided by insurance companies that adopted real-time communication technologies.

What is Live chat?

Live chat is a real-time communication platform that enables your business to engage with your website’s visitors. You can deploy Live chat to interact with visitors and existing customers and drive more engagement to delight customers with exceptional customer service. Moreover, your marketing, sales, and customer support team can use live chat across all touchpoints of your customer’s journey. It helps you provide better brand interaction and a personalized customer experience.

What are the Latest Trends & Statistics of Live chat?

Besides the insurance sector, various businesses look forward to including live chat in their business support strategies. According to the study, live chat increases lead capture and website conversion by 3X. Some other trends and statistics reflect the success of implementing live chat in business:

  • 79% of customers prefer live chats for their instant response
  • 92% of the highest satisfaction rate falls under the live chat category
  • 87% of companies chose live chat for real-time engagement with visitors
  • 48% of customers prefer companies who proactive chat via live chat
  • 82% of customers prefer to repeat purchases with the business offering live chat
  • 43% of businesses experienced a relatively better understanding of the customer with live chat
  • 85% of customers convert through chats
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Latest Trends & Statistics of Live chat

How Does Live Chat Help Insurance Companies?

“64% of customers, that’s nearly three-fifths of customers, are more interested in interacting through instant messaging and this number is surging.”

Live chat technology revolutionizes the insurance industry by ensuring more effective, cost-saving, and efficient customer journeys. As per reports, customers feel more confident dealing with businesses offering live chat services over other communication channels. Right from their Cisco Finesse interface, agents are available for customers whenever they need them. An intelligent back-end routing engine ensures the chat is routed to the best-fit agent for faster conversation resolutions and optimum CX. Direct customer-agent interaction increases business credibility.

Live Chat Fixing the Real Communication Issue

“38% of consumers are more likely to buy from a company if they offer live chat support.”

Conventionally, phone calls, emails, and SMS are the ways to reach your customers. But what if customers want to reach your agents to get their queries solved? In this scenario, agents need to make their presence quick and real-time. Here, Live chat enters into play. It ensures a real-time communication platform with your insurance agent. Cisco Live Chat offers comprehensive features like co-browsing and screen sharing fixes for these issues and improves customer engagement.

If you are an insurance company running on Cisco Contact Center and looking forward to deploying live chat, we have brought up 5 effective ways to use live chat. These practical ways will help you enhance your operational capabilities and streamline the workflow.

5 Effective Ways in Which Cisco Contact Center Can Use Live Chat

1. Reduce Complexity
2. Assist the Buying Process
3. Real-time Support
4. Instant Documentation
5. Advice on Complementary Products

Live Chat for Insurance Companies

1. Reduce Complexity

Today, the internet is the new insurance marketplace as young customers more often buy their insurance online. However, understanding policies are complex. Live chat support on the app/website allows potential customers to quickly ask for a rate quote or information on a specific type of coverage. To connect customers with a specialized agent right away, live chat can help customers choose which topic they want to discuss before the chat starts, such as claims, contracts, or general inquiries. Various contact center software solution providers ensure Agent Routing on live chat to connect customers with dedicated agents.

2. Assist the Buying Process

The European Commission study revealed that customers are much more comfortable buying insurance on the insurer’s website instead of any comparison platform. Moreover, they will likely purchase from a source that offers in-depth information. The live chat option on the site is the most convenient way to offer updated information and resolve queries. It also allows agents to assist customers during the online application process, reducing the risk of half-finished applications that never see the light of day.

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3. Real-time Support

With hundreds of options at their fingertips, customers expect quick and seamless online support and are likely to leave a website if they don’t find a quick answer. Hence, live chat is a smart way to cater to impatient online buyers. It makes it easy to continue the conversation and reduces the average handling time, cutting your service costs and boosting trust in the services. Moreover, live chat improves CX in the insurance industry.

4. Instant Documentation

It is one of the biggest advantages as everything is automatically documented. The live chat option is a solid base for discussing service improvements and a document for future reference.

5. Advice on Complementary Products

Ordinary citizens are not risk and insurance specialists, and they don’t understand all the terms and conditions. Here, direct communication tools like live chat are valuable for upselling. Agents can consult customers on complimentary products to fulfill their needs and guide them to make the best decision. This is an unobtrusive way to turn a service chat into an upselling opportunity without the risk of appearing pushy.

Final Thoughts

Live chat makes your insurance website a customer-oriented website that helps you to deliver personalized customer services and experiences to your customers. Live chat improves agent productivity and provides a fast and convenient way to get in touch with customers, solve their queries and delight them with an exceptional customer experience. All you need to do is proactively choose professional Live chat solutions that turn conversions into leads.

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