How to Improve Customer Experience in the Insurance Industry

Customer Experience in Insurance Industry

The insurance industry is among those industries which heavily rely on sound customer interactions. But when it comes to customer service experience, it is a mixed bag for some obvious reasons. One of the most standout reasons why insurers struggle to provide a sound customer interaction is not using the right technology when reaching out to their customers.

Why is Effective Customer Engagement Important?

In an industry where purchases have emotional overtones and are done to secure one’s life including property, vehicle, and other belongings, ensuring a sound customer experience is highly desired on the part of an insurance company. And that is the least a customer can expect from the insurer, especially when dealing with things that resonate with a personal touch. Thus, improving on how you interact with your customers is an important aspect of this industry. Therefore, giving it due consideration is key to successful contact center operations, which in turn impact the bottom line positively.

Why the insurance industry seems at sea when it comes to customer engagement has something to do with the expectations of the customers who are looking for more than wishy-washy responses on the part of the insurer, especially when it is related to insuring one’s life or belongings. But most of the time it is not the case.

How does Technology Help Improve Customer Experience?

To understand this and how technology can make it a highly satisfying experience for both insurer and customer, let’s look at some of the points where insurance companies need to look at to improve their customer interactions and engagements.

Among the major interaction points between a customer and insurer are when they need to renew their policy, at the time of admission in the hospital for the treatment, if it is health policy, at the time of updating certain details, and, lastly, when it comes to the claim processing. These are the major tasks when customers need to interact with the insurer. Streamlining all these tasks and making them unobstructed is how you can address some of the gray areas of customer interaction in the insurance/healthcare industry.

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The Right Tools you Need to Get Ahead

Since this industry is highly information-centric, dissemination of the updated information is pretty much the order and carried out proactively and aggressively by the insurers. But, for some strange reasons, the information flow is not very promising in this industry, resulting in poor customer experience. Here, using the appropriate technology comes in handy and gets you the expected results. With the help of smart tools, an insurer can establish a sound connection with its customers for effective customer engagements.

One of the best ways to set up an effective engagement with your customers is by simply focusing on them. And it is very important in this industry, which thrives on the way it serves its customers. And the right technology is the answer to it, and it is the best thing that can happen to an insurer. But it is also important to use the technology to your advantage and not the other way round. Misuse and overuse of technology without looking into the rationale of using the same can be detrimental especially in an industry dealing and trading with human emotions.

How Unified Agent Desktops and Wallboards Help Streamline Operations in the Insurance/Healthcare Sector?

Some of the most useful tools that can help an insurance company do a great job when it comes to enhancing customer service experience include Cisco unified desktops, Cisco wallboards, etc. These tools can empower contact center agents in an insurance company to engage with their customers effectively.

Unified agent desktop is one of the most effective tools for a contact center agent that helps provide the updated information about the customers through its effective integration with phone lines and CRMs. And the insurance industry happens to be one industry where being proactive pays. Cisco Unified Agent Desktop has been designed to give you all the relevant details concerning your customers. With its integration to the CRMs and various other software popular in the insurance industry, agents get all information of the customer/caller for their specific requirements. They can also transfer this call, along with all the relevant information about the caller, to the most appropriate department for effective customer engagement. Here, at this point, agents can set up appointments, raise requests right from their desktop.

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Along with a Unified Agent Desktop, which pretty much takes care of the information part and gives you all the details about the customer- policy details, renewal, etc., wallboards are another tool to help you plan your communication better with its real-time information provisioning that involves key metrics, SLAs to ensure that the service level is being maintained as per the proposal. This tool helps the management to get access to the updated information about what is going right at this moment to ensure through Both these tools help the insurance industry provide updated and relevant information and enhance customer engagements, and, in turn, help retain the customers.

Therefore, by embracing the right communication tools, the insurance or healthcare industry can serve its customers effectively and have more and more engaging sessions resulting in a great customer experience.

NovelVox is one of the leading contact center solutions providing companies in the world helping its valuable clients from the insurance and healthcare sectors to have a proactive and action-oriented approach when it comes to customer services. With the help of its array of products designed for Cisco UCCX finesse and Cisco UCCX Wallboards to cater to the specific needs of the insurance/healthcare industry, it is now easy to serve customers proactively, provide better responses, and have engaging customer engagement sessions.

All that helps improve customer retention rate, resulting in overall growth and getting the most out of your operations. Furthermore, this also empowers contact center agents and makes them look confident when interacting with customers. By having access to the latest information, they can take care of numerous requests from customers looking for better and satisfying responses on them. It is now easy to set up appointments, divert calls to the appropriate department, and do much more with ease and in a highly efficient manner.

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