The Rise of Digital Customer Engagement Platforms & the Role of Contact Centers

Digital Customer Engagement Platform

Our world has seen the growth of digital technologies and the rise of communication channels, taking the notion of “customer engagement” to a whole new level. The digital era has ushered us into an unprecedented level of convenience, accessibility, and interactivity, making it imperative for businesses to consider a shift in their strategies concerning customer interactions.

The rise of digital communication platforms enables multi-channel interaction between businesses and customers, the primary reason for modern technology becoming more prevalent and noticeable. Amid this technological boom and the ever-growing expectations of customers, where exactly does the contact center fit? Let’s find out.

The New Normal: Digital Customers

Smartphones and online platforms have become an integral aspect of the everyday lives of people. Customers have become digital natives, expecting seamless and personalized interactions with businesses. This is the rise of the digital customer which is characterized by their preference for online channels, instant communication, and a heightened expectation for faster issue resolution.

Be it through social media, messaging apps, or email, customers seek a cohesive and responsive experience across various touchpoints.

What does Your Customers Seek
Now, businesses that recognize and respond to this shift are better positioned to thrive in the digital age. As the customer journey becomes more digital-centric, there also arises a need for a robust and adaptable customer engagement strategy. This is where the contact center plays a pivotal role.

Omnichannel Interactions: Redefining the Role of a Contact Center

Contact centers have traditionally been associated with telephone-based customer support. However, in the era of digital customer engagement, the contact center has undergone a profound transformation. It has evolved into a hub for omnichannel interactions, serving as a central point for managing communications across various channels such as email, voice, chat, social media, and more.

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Omnichannel engagement is not just about having a presence on multiple platforms; it’s about creating a seamless and integrated experience for customers. Each channel contributes to the overall customer journey and businesses need to ensure consistency and continuity across the touchpoints. For example, a customer should be able to initiate a conversation on a social media platform and seamlessly transition to a live chat or phone call without losing context.

Omnichannel Interactions
The key to successfully navigating the digital landscape lies in providing customers with a consistent and integrated experience, regardless of the channel they choose. An omnichannel approach allows businesses to connect with customers seamlessly, providing a unified and holistic view of their interactions. This not only enhances customer interaction but empowers businesses to gather insights into customer behavior and preferences.

CXInfinity: The Digital Engagement Platform Your Contact Center Needs

Having understood the rise of digital engagements, there is no doubt in the fact that businesses using advanced technologies such as AI, chatbot, and analytics are much better equipped to handle the diverse needs of today’s customers. From enabling personalized interactions, proactive issue resolution, and efficient routing of queries, such technological solutions contribute to an overall enhanced customer experience.

In this context, CXInfinity – the Digital Customer Engagement Platform from NovelVox is a comprehensive solution designed to meet the evolving needs of businesses in this digital age. The omnichannel engagement platform offers a suite of features that empower contact centers to deliver exceptional experiences across multiple channels. From intelligent routing to automated responses and personalized interactions, the unified platform streamlines the customer journey, ensuring a consistent and integrated experience.

CXInfinity - the digital customer engagement platform

Unified Interactions Across Channels

CXInfinity enables your team to gain access to a unified platform that seamlessly integrates various communication channels, from traditional ones like phone and chat to modern engagement channels such as email, text and social media. The platform allows you to manage customer conversations effortlessly on a single window, allowing your teams to resolve requests and provide stellar customer service without toggling between multiple screens.

AI-driven Efficiency

The omnichannel solution goes beyond basic integration. By harnessing the power of AI, the platform automatically brings up customer information and relevant knowledge base sections, ensuring agents have the right answer at their fingertips. From the first interaction through the entire customer lifecycle, CXInfinity empowers your team to deliver consistent and informed support along the customer journey.

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More Lead Capture and Conversions

CXInfinity allows you to maximize the potential of every customer touchpoint. It personalizes the visitor’s web experience based on their location on the website capturing leads through bots and live chat and enables agents to engage with customers based on their behavior. This allows businesses to optimize follow-ups and efficiently convert leads to make the most of their advertising spend.

Streamlined Service Operations

The digital platform not only enhances customer-facing interactions but also simplifies the agent’s lives. By seamlessly integrating with CRM and CSM applications, CXInfinity provides an intuitive interface for agents to handle digital interactions. Further, the connector interface allows easy access to CXInfinity-driven features and renders them with the option to toggle between different workspaces such as Supervisor, Reporting, Infibot, and more.


This is the digital-first era and businesses today that prioritize omnichannel customer engagement gain a competitive edge. Hence, opting for a digital engagement solution is not just a “nice to have” anymore but a necessity. With CXInfinity, it’s not just about adopting a software solution but embracing a transformative approach to customer interactions that leads to lasting relationships and sustained business success.

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