Do more with Cisco Finesse by adding more gadgets with NovelVox’s Finesse Gadget Designer. This simple designer studio lets you create a gadget in a simple drag and drop environment.

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  • Creating Gadgets with Cisco Finesse Gadget Designer
  • Choose from library of pre-built gadgets including…
    • Agent Chat or Group Chat Gadget
    • Screen Pop Gadget
    • Supervisor Gadgets
    • Agent Scripting Gadgets
    • Call Follow ups
    • keyboard shortcuts for common agent actions
    • Focus Agent Finesse Page automatically on call arrival
    • Multi-language Gadgets
    • Dynamic screen switching based on call variables
    • Dynamic screen switching based on user roles
    • And more
  • Integrate Cisco Finesse with 3rd party applications like CRM, Ticketing software, Bespoke application, etc with ready integration
  • Edit and change layout per your business needs
  • Choose from library of industry wise desktop templates

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