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Agent Statistics Gadget

What better way to keep agents motivated and well-informed on their progress than by having their individual KPIs displayed on-screen and being able to compare them with the average KPIs of the team as a whole? The Statistics Gadget provides a clean way of viewing and analyzing your contact center’s statistics without having to click back and forth between tabs.

Agent Chat Gadget

Cisco Finesse UCCX chat gadgets provide for an inter-agent chat to allow the transfer of information quickly and efficiently. Groups can be created for quick messaging. This enables agents to receive assistance from their fellow agents whenever they get stuck with some issues.

Supervisor Gadget

Supervisors can view the whole operation of the contact center. They can take over an existing call and can re-skill agents as and when required. It enables supervisors to guide and monitor agents if and when required.

Agent Scripting Gadget

Agent Scripting helps customers create guided, dynamic and intelligent scripts. Contact center agents can execute these scripts with a high degree of personalization and provide a consistent experience to customers with Cisco finesse gadget development module that makes for enhanced customer engagement.

Last X calls

Last X Calls is a call center gadget that provides a comprehensive view of the previous interactions that the customer had with the agents. This gadget provides a consolidated view of both the voice and social media interactions.

Call Tagging Gadget

The agents choose call tagging codes or write comments at the end of the call to summarize the call so that it can be used for reporting in the Last X calls gadget. So that whenever the same customer calls next, the agent assisting would have exact details of what issues/concerns the caller has and proceed to provide assistance accordingly. This enhances agent-customer interaction.

Call Follow up Gadget

A Call Follow-Up Gadget for agents where the agent can mark an ongoing call to be followed up at a future date and time. NovelVox provides a custom schema to store the call follow up related information.

Pre-Built Gadgets

Agent Statistics Gadget

Agent to Agent Chat & Message Broadcast Gadget

Supervisor Gadget

Precision Queue Gadget

Agent Scripting Gadget

Last Calls Gadget

Call Tagging Gadget

Call Follow Up Gadget

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