The Essentials of Women Empowerment at Workplace

Women Empowerment at Workplace

Recently social media celebrated International Women’s Day 2020 themed at #EachForEqual with lots of enthusiasm. Every social channel be it Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter showered tons of inspirational posts talking about women empowerment and the struggles that a woman faces in her day to day life. Lots of people have liked such posts and showed how grateful they are to the women in their life – wife, mother, or sister.

Ironically, these are the same people who feel offended when a woman gets empowered and speaks up against harassment or injustice. These are the same people who can not see a woman taking a lead, be it at home or in an organization.

So, we need to find out ways how this typical picture of gender bias can be changed. How women can be empowered and given opportunities they equally deserve to have.

With this article, we will learn about 5 ways organizations can contribute to women empowerment. The article underscores the main areas where a company needs to work on, to empower its female staff.

5 ways to Empower Women at workplace

  1. Encourage women to take the lead: Taking a lead is not just a man’s thing. Break this stereotype, by encouraging women in your organization to take more risks and grab opportunities. Provide them a platform wherein they can showcase their skills and achieve the extraordinary.

  2. Believe in #EachForEqual: Each for Equal is the theme of 2020s International Women Day. It draws our attention towards the role each woman plays every day to challenge stereotypes, fight bias, and collectively create a world with more dignity and broader opportunities for all. Get inspired by this theme and promote the same in your organization. Treat your female staff as essential as male staff. Give them equal opportunities to speak and excel in their respective fields.

  3. Promotes a fair maternity leave policy: Have a fair maternity policy at the workplace to support expecting women financially and emotionally. Empower them with a relaxing and fair maternity leave policy so that after having kids they can return with the same enthusiasm as they did in the beginning.

  4. Prevent sexual harassment: To empower is to give opportunity, but before that ensure to provide an environment that is safe for women. Nothing is more important than the safety of women in your organization. Empower them with a strong Sexual Harassment Policy ensuring immediate redressal of any misconduct with strict disciplinary actions.

  5. Offer a better work-life balance: A woman is a mother, wife, daughter, sister, and a working professional. These are the many life roles that a woman plays on a daily basis. To empower her at the workplace, you can introduce policies that enable women to achieve work-life balance. Work from home, flexible working hours are a few examples.

The Takeaway

One of the key elements of Diversity is having a good ratio of males and females in an organization. And with the changing time, women are raising their bar and getting equally skilled to take a variety of roles across the industry. With little more support from colleagues, equal opportunities, freedom, and respect to women employees, organizations are enabling women empowerment in all sectors.

NovelVox is one of such organizations that believe in #EachForEqual. We have various verticals like HR, Design, Content, L&D, and Project Management where women are leading the Fort. We have always been all ears for their unique ideas, views, and opinions ensuring equality and empowerment within the organization.

Women Empowerment at NovelVox

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