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5 Essential Contact Center Reports For Support Team Managers

By- Rahul Mishra


Contact center reporting involves evaluating call center performance through key performance indicators (KPIs) extracted from data streams such as IVR, ACD, and WFM. Managers use this data to assess efficiency and make informed decisions.

What is Contact Center Reporting?


Contact centers facilitate customer inquiries about products or services. Efficient call center operations enhance customer relationships. Analyzing reports on customer satisfaction and productivity helps identify improvement areas for overall performance.

What are the Various Types of Contact Center Reporting?

1. Call Abandon Report

The call abandon report assesses the number of callers who disconnect before connecting with agents. This metric is closely linked to Service Level KPI and Customer Satisfaction, providing insights into call center performance.

2. Inbound Call Summary Report

The inbound call summary report presents performance statistics for various time intervals (e.g., hours, minutes, days, months). Users can customize intervals or use the default setting, "Days of Week," providing flexibility in analysis.

3. Agent Performance Report

The agent performance report offers a comprehensive overview of agents' efforts and performance within a selected timeframe. It serves supervisors and customer support managers as a valuable tool for assessment.

4. Outbound Dialing Report

The outbound dialer call report offers detailed metrics for calls made through an outbound dialer call campaign. It provides a comprehensive overview of the campaign's performance and outcomes.

5. Call Transfer Report

The call transfer report details the traffic directed to each transfer-to (destination) number within a specified period. It allows breakdowns by phone number, transfer type, or a combination of both for comprehensive analysis.