Email Writing – An Essential Skill In The Corporate World

Email Writing

In the professional world, email is one of the most essential skills required for internal as well as external communication. Though everyone is aware of the basic dos and don’ts of an email yet most of us are not very good at it for the very simple reason that we don’t care about it.

Here are some of the tips which you must practice to have effective email writing skills:

1. Draft an email:

It is very important that before you start writing, draft a context of your email in your mind. Do not just write a whole story in your email, make sure that it’s written point by point and is drafted in such a way that it’s easy to understand by the receiver.

  • Use Grammar-checking Tools: With tools like Grammarly, writing error-free content has become quite easy. It highlights the spelling mistakes along with the use of grammar and punctuation. The use of such tools can really make a huge impact on your writing skills.
  • Include Bullet points and tables: Always avoid writing a long story in the email. The context should either be described in bullets or in a table format so that the reader gets clarity.
  • Proper spacing between paragraphs: There is a possibility that the email content does not have the scope of bullets or tables. In such cases, ensure drafting the mail in short paragraphs. Also, keep a note of proper spacing between the paragraphs.

2. Proofread:

You must have seen emails even from your colleagues, which have lots of grammatical mistakes or inappropriate English. All this happens when people do not even read their own mail before sending it.

It’s a wise practice to always ensure proofreading your email before pressing a send button.

3. Do not send an email in Hurry:

Most people are seen in a hurry when it comes to hitting the REPLY button. You should avoid that.

Please note an email is a written document of your responses, so try to stay as calm as possible while writing an email or reverting to any email. If feeling angry or emotional, do not send the email.

4. To, CC:

we all are aware of the purpose of “To” and “Cc” in an email but still most people make mistakes while they are relying on an email. It’s one of the most common mistakes made by people especially while replying.

There are several emails that are marked to you but others are in Cc like birthday wishes, or congratulatory emails or invitations, etc, and you might just “reply all”. You must avoid such mistakes and ensure that you reply to the individual only in such emails.

On the contrary, there are escalation emails or feedback or status update-related emails, where you should cautiously check while replying and make sure that the other people in Cc are also kept in the loop (either To or Cc) as per the action required.

5. Avoid using the too-long subject line:

Always keep your subject short and to the point. It should convey the agenda of your email correctly. Too long subject lines usually annoy the receiver.

6. Avoid using a too-heavy signature:

We have observed that people use very heavy images and too much information in the signature line, which is not a very nice practice. At times such signatures become annoying. So always ensure to use simple but effective signatures.

Last but not the least, it’s all about practice. The more you consciously practice these tips the more effective emails you would write.

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