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To create an impeccable customer experience, a contact center needs some high performing agents working on smart agent desktops and monitored by superpowered supervisor desktops. A perfect blend of efficient humans and technology! Sadly, Cisco, Avaya, or Genesys, contact centers face the universal problem of opting for the right desktop that leads them to the road of optimization. Even today, customers are made to wait for long because agents’ systems are not integrated and the supervisor is busy juggling applications instead of focusing on call quality.

Identifying the gaps and mending the loopholes, NovelVox created its range of Unified Agent Desktop and Supervisor Desktop for optimum agent performance and enhance the customer experience. It includes

NovelVox Cisco Finesse Unified Agent Desktop

This advanced system offers a unified view of data to empower agents with the right information at the right time. Some of its benefits include

  • Personalized call – Even before a call is answered, an agent is equipped with the required information to greet the customer with the first name. It eliminates the tedious task of asking the caller for details, entering into the system, fetching data, and then coming to the caller’s issue.
  • No more screen switching – With over 60 3rd party application integration, the NovelVox Cisco Finesse Unified Agent Desktop offers a unified view of customer information. It does not require an agent to change to a different application for call proceeding. There is no distraction or any chance of losing the call context.
  • Improved First Call Resolution – With a screen switch by IVR, the required information is populated dynamically, and the agent can instantly offer the needed information to the caller.
  • Reduce Average Handle Time – The business-specific desktop interface saves the agent from learning the workflow but focuses just on the conversation. The interface can be further customized to optimize agent performance without the need for coding. With only and all required information on the screen, the agent is capable of handling calls in much lesser time.

NovelVox Avaya Agent Desktop

This unified system boosts agents’ productivity with everything on a single screen. Some of the revolutionary benefits include

  • Systems are connected – Systems speak well with each other. It is a full stop to the issues of integration as all required data is pulled from 3rd party applications seamlessly.
  • Customer delight – Avaya Agent Desktop allows agents to address callers with their names and updated customer information that removes the task of revalidation. This makes customers happy and connected to discuss their issues in a much better way
  • Know the intent – It empowers agents to handle calls more efficiently as caller intent can be mapped with screen switch by IVR. So, no more beating around the bush, instead reduce handle time by taking just what’s required.
  • Optimize agent performance – With the industry-specific interface, agents don’t need to struggle to change screens while on a call. They have all the relevant fields and information auto-populated even before the call is answered to improve the call resolution further.

NovelVox Genesys Agent Desktop

Integrated Agent Desktop to improve customer and agent experience. Here’s how

  • Integrated view – Empower agents with all information on a single screen that helps them focus more on the call instead of swapping applications. With everything visible in front of their eyes, they feel confident and can reduce handle time significantly
  • Know the caller – With over 60 3rd party application integration, caller information is displayed in front of the agent even before the call is answered. It equips agents with information to be addressed for a personalized call and delights customers to feel connected with the business.
  • IVR magics – IVR is preferred by customers as a mode of self-help, and after passing the long script just to talk to an uninformed agent, spoils experience badly. To save your contact center from this situation, Genesys Agent Desktop allows agents to view screen by IVR inputs and pitch only the relevant information a customer is seeking.
  • Desktop specifically for your business – NovelVox Agent Desktop offers business-specific templates that can be further optimized basis your industry requirement with simple drag and drop functionality. It equips agents with only relevant information to resolve calls in the first go.

For all three Agent Desktops, NovelVox offers built-in productivity tools to enhance call quality and quick resolution. The built-in tools include Knowledge Base, Case Management, Scripting tool, and more.

Since smart agents need smart supervision to perform their best, NovelVox has designed an efficient Supervisor Desktop. It enables a supervisor to dive deeper into monitoring and forget the struggle of scrolling systems to fetch data. Some of its business-specific benefits include

  • Single interface to view agent and call stats
  • Real-time view to monitor agent performance and guide instantly
  • Improve call resolution with live barge-in to support agent where required
  • Offer assistance to the agent on the next actionable with chat assist
  • Enhance customer experience by force change of agent state to reduce customer hold time
  • Optimize agent performance with agent reskilling
  • Keeping team updated with broadcast messages for immediate action/change
  • Monitoring performance threshold with KPI notifications

NovelVox Unified contact center solutions have a lot more to improve your business performance. This contact center software is created with a motive to enhance agent and customer experience like never before. Visit our website to know more about our integrated solution and understand why and how businesses have already switched over to NovelVox Desktops.

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