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Single ‘Integrated’ View

Get a single ‘integrated’ view by integrating Genesys contact center with all third-party applications. It will result in improved First Call Resolution (FCR) and bring down the Average Handling Time (AHT) in contact centers.

  • Smooth integration with third-party applications
  • Better call disposition by being able to read & write data
  • Offer superior omnichannel customer experience

Know Your Caller

Get the caller details as soon as the call connects and greet the caller by name to enhance customer service. Agents will be able to pull the caller information & records without customer revalidation.

  • No need to copy/paste to collect customer information
  • Enhance call experience by greeting customers by their name
  • Agents can quickly validate customer details since every information of the caller is readily available

View Screen as per IVR Inputs

NovelVox Agent Desktop will deliver better call resolution and enhance FCR. It will dynamically populate the relevant information as per the reason for the call.

  • Switch screens dynamically based on the IVR variables for each call
  • Provide agents with relevant information at once without delay
  • Gain more happy customers with faster call resolution

Optimized Agent Desktop for your Business

Enhance your AHT, FCR, and overall productivity by choosing a customized agent desktop specifically designed to cater to your business needs.

  • Optimize your business with industry-specific agent desktop templates
  • Every department gets a unique agent desktop optimized to their needs
  • Develop agent desktop as per your own branding guidelines—from logo to brand colors and fonts

Biggest library of Integration with Genesys Contact Center

Genesys contact center can be integrated with any of your 3rd party applications from CRM, Ticketing, EMR/EHR, Banking Applications, Legacy systems to your internal database.

  • Smoothly integrate your database with NovelVox Universal Connector
  • Integrate all applications with open API
  • Library of 40+ applications that can be readily integrated with Genesys Contact Centers

Customize with Drag & Drop Designer

Do all the changes/modification that you need to do on the agent desktop with simple drag & drop designer studio. The Gadget Designer Studio, industry’s first and only, is so simple that you won’t require any coding!

  • Develop & customize desktops as per your business needs
  • Get access to a library of industry wise agent desktop templates
  • Pre-built in gadgets

Pre-Built Gadgets

Agent Statistics Gadget

Agent to Agent Chat & Message Broadcast Gadget

Supervisor Gadget

Precision Queue Gadget

Agent Scripting Gadget

Last Calls Gadget

Call Tagging Gadget

Call Follow Up Gadget

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