Agent Accelerator

Avaya Agent Desktop

Boost your employee productivity and achieve more with Unified Agent Desktop for Avaya Contact Centers.


Years of Expertise


Deployments in 20+ Countries


Retention Ratio

Single Screen Customer View

Reduce Average Handling Time (AHT) and improve your First Call Resolution (FCR) rate by integrating Avaya contact center with all the third-party applications to offer unified view of customer information.

Biggest library of Integration

Boost agent performance by integrating your Avaya Agent Desktop with the industry’s leading third-party applications having an open API. Choose from a library of 75+ CRM, Ticketing, EMR/EHR, Banking Applications, Legacy systems, and more applications. 


Avaya integration with some of the popular applications:

Say ‘Hello’ with Caller’s First Name

Know who is calling even before you answer the call with key caller details to deliver personalized customer service. With Avaya Agent Desktop, let your agent validate the customer details effortlessly fetched at the time of customer inbound calls.
Avaya Aura Agent Desktop

Change Screen by IVR Inputs

Deliver faster call resolution and improve FCR with Avaya Agent desktop. Dynamically populate relevant information for every call as per the IVR inputs.

Agent Desktop Optimized
to your Business

Why choose a standard agent desktop when you can get an Avaya Aura Agent Desktop customized to your unique business needs?
Avaya Agent for Desktop
Avaya Desktop Application

Modify Desktop Easily with Drag & Drop Designer

Modify Avaya Agent Desktop easily with drag & drop designer studio. The industry’s first and only Gadget Designer Studio makes it so easy that you can do it on your own—no coding required.


Avaya Agent Desktop can be referred to as a unified agent desktop that utilizes the Avaya phone system to perform voice operations. The APIs, call controls, and other similar actions are controlled by the Avaya telephony solution. NovelVox’s Agent Accelerator for Avaya comes with an integrated user interface that equips agents with a unified view of all customer information on one single screen. It integrates seamlessly with the Avaya environment and uplifts the standard Avaya contact center capabilities leveraging next-gen agent desktop integrations.
NovelVox’s agent accelerator, a dedicated workspace for Avaya contact center agents utilizes open API integration capabilities to connect a CRM application with the agent desktop. Leading CRM and ticketing applications including Salesforce, MS Dynamics, ServiceNow, Zendesk, etc can easily be integrated with Agent’s workspace to eliminate unnecessary screen switches. The data from the CRM application can further be optimized before displaying it on the agent’s desktop. This saves agents from scrolling through the various data fields, enabling them to quickly fetch information from a CRM application without switching screens.
NovelVox’s Agent Accelerator is intended to elevate the agent and customer experience leveraging next-gen contact center integrations. It deploys within the Avaya environment and integrates multiple applications utilized by the Avaya contact center agents to offer a single, unified source of information. All call controls and call center actions would still be controlled by the Avaya telephony system. NovelVox’s Avaya Agent desktop will unify the disparate systems leveraging open API integration, and improve agents’ productivity by eliminating screen toggling.
NovelVox Agent Accelerator is fully compatible with Avaya Aura and Aura Elite.
Absolutely!! NovelVox’s Avaya Agent Desktop gives you the flexibility to optimize data being fetched from third-party applications as per your needs. The customization can be done without running codes or performing complex data operations.
This can be done using NovelVox’s no code, easy to use drag and drop designer studio. The designer allows you to edit existing boards(unique agent desktop screens), create fresh ones, or go live with a ready-to-use agent desktop template in one go. With NDS, customizing agents’ workspaces becomes super easy.

No, not every time. Whenever you plan an upgrade for Avaya Aura or Elite, you must inform our support team. You can raise a ticket at We’ll do our sanity on the mentioned version and let you know if you’ll need an upgrade or not. Also, it would be a minor upgrade, not a major one.

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