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7 Factors to Identify the Right Unified Desktop For Your Contact Center

Unified Desktop For Your Contact Center

Sound customer engagement is the ultimate goal of a call center and a unified desktop agent is a solution you need to take it to the next level and reap all the benefits that follow.

Customer loyalty and Sales are the two sides of the same coin

Sound customer engagement is a critical element for an organization running contact center operations. So, you need to get it right from the word go if you want to stay ahead of the rest and looking at the prized customer loyalty and resultant sales continuum, which happens to be your ultimate goal.

But what is stopping you from doing that? (According to research, more than one third (35.4%) of professionals believe that technology not being joined up is their biggest barrier to operating their dream contact center *). A unified agent desktop may well be the answer here that you should be looking at. And what it does: it brings multiple customer service applications together into a single interface which makes it easy for agents to deal with customer inquiries and requests more confidently and takes customer engagement to new heights.

Choosing the right unified desktop

Though a unified desktop is a welcome relief for agents from using multiple screens and systems, choosing the right kind of unified desktop for your specific needs is a critical decision in order to come good to customers’ expectations and avoid running into some unforeseen problems.

Here are the seven most important features or things to look for when seeking a comprehensive customer engagement solution.

#1: Should bring everything in one place

Make sure to choose the right agent desktop which has the flexibility to bring virtually any system together like Avaya, Cisco, Genesys, and Aspect, while connecting easily with SAP, Siebel, and other systems. Such a system should give you the freedom to integrate it with CTI, ACD, and CRM products from multiple vendors in order to deliver a seamless and highly flexible omnichannel desktop that is scalable enough to meet your current and future technology demands

#2: Gets you the relevant information

The right desktop agent gets all the relevant information of the customer in one place which makes it easy for the agent to provide the first-time resolution to customers’ queries. It gives the right perspective about your business and makes for highly successful customer engagement through a seamless customer view across the business platform for quick and sound decision-making.

#3: Should have been a browser-based desktop

An agent desktop makes way for seamless and easy availability of the information, and a browser-based desktop takes this to an all-new level by enabling the agents to access it anywhere using a browser-based interface. This will give you flexibility in running your operations from different locations.

#4: Makes for a seamless customer experience

An informed agent which has access to all relevant information of the customer including a complete history of customer interactions serves customers much more promptly and in the right manner to make customer feels valued. Not just that, with push SMS to mobiles, social media, call back facility, and web chat which all are available on its platform, an agent desktop gives agents all the options for seamless customer experience.

#5: Makes agents feel comfortable

An easy, intuitive Unified Agent Desktop, which is free from technical mumbo-jumbo and looks familiar to your agents as if they are browsing on an online shopping website and which also requires little training costs, makes agents comfortable and happy and much more focussed on your customers than just getting familiar with how to operate the system.

#6: Provides a better return on investment

A good desktop agent is a long-term investment that gives, first of all, sound customer engagement and reduces support and training costs to almost zero. It also helps to reduce average handling time while increasing the first-time resolution and frees agents for more on sales.

#7: Gives bird’s eye view of operations insights

Sound operations are the backbone of a business and the right desktop should be able to provide real-time operations insights to senior management and executives wherever and whenever basis so that they can find out issues related to agent’s performance and avoid underlying problems, if any, well in advance.

These points above will surely help you choose the best-unified desktop agent for you. One more point to ponder, just don’t restrict yourself from visiting vendors and compromise on features in order to get the best solution that is worth the effort.

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