Accelerating Agent Efficiency with a Single, Unified Agent Desktop

Unified Agent Desktop

Innovation and productivity are essential components to the success of any company, large or small. As competition rises, companies must continually grow and adapt to provide their customers with the best possible experience. In this regard, contact centers play an integral role in providing exceptional customer service, which often translates into increased sales and customer satisfaction. If you haven’t considered how your contact center can gain from a unified agent desktop yet, it’s time to see what this solution can do for your organization.

Today’s contact center agents must do more than ever before with less time, fewer resources, and less training to keep their job intact and earn their bonuses. Unified Agent Desktop (UAD) is a solution that helps contact center agents increase their efficiency and productivity by allowing them to access the most critical tools they need to service customers right from their desktops on any device. With UAD, you can provide your agents with the latest versions of all their communication channels from one place; this allows them to be fully engaged with customers from the moment they log in, which improves both customer satisfaction and agent productivity. Read on to learn more about how a unified agent desktop can enhance agent productivity in your contact center.

How does a unified agent desktop help agents achieve their goals?

The agent desktop is one of your most important tools when it comes to helping customers achieve their goals. Helping them reach their objectives faster has always been a major focus for agents.

Customers, Meetings, and Bookings. Agents can use Unified Agent Desktops to achieve their goal of acquiring more customers by enhancing their productivity. In today’s business world, agents are dealing with multiple channels. However, unlike most other businesses, their channels aren’t just virtual; they have to be in front of customers face-to-face. In order to do that, agents need powerful tools like unified communications. Unified Agent Desktops helps them communicate better across all these channels so they can be more productive and achieve their goals faster.

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Improved Agent Training:

When agents are trained on a single platform, both time and money are saved, as there is no need to learn different workflows or computer systems. For example, unified agent desktop training allows agents to become familiar with new software and technology quickly and easily. They will spend less time learning how to use their tools and more time doing what they do best: creating exceptional customer experiences.

When agents are trained properly, they can increase productivity by up to 30%. Think about it: if your desk or computer environment has a problem that takes time away from you and your customer, what happens to your agent productivity? You’re likely distracted for a good portion of time trying to figure out how to get it running again—or having to spend time figuring out where you saved something so you can put it back. Meanwhile, customers may be left on hold waiting for your assistance.

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With a unified agent, they can access knowledge bases, documents, best practices, training tools, etc. with just one click. This means agents don’t have to waste time searching through SharePoint, service management tools, and multiple different learning systems. Everything is available at their fingertips in a single location!

Improved Agent Experience:

The agent desktop is where agents complete all tasks for customers, ranging from answering a customer’s questions to submitting trouble tickets. When agents access multiple applications on their desktop, it requires them to switch between apps and search for information. By unifying an organization’s different applications into one agent desktop, productivity is improved because information can be accessed more quickly and easily. This helps ensure that agents can provide a great experience for their customers, no matter what issue they are facing. A consistent agent experience also enables faster troubleshooting of tickets by helping agents organize and prioritize issues based on business impact.

Improvement in Average Handling Times:

The agent desktop is just one more element of your contact center infrastructure, but it can have a huge impact on agent productivity. With unified agent desktop software in place, your agents will become more efficient and productive than ever before. They’ll be able to handle calls faster, and their average handling times will improve significantly—which should lead to an increase in average revenue per user (ARPU).

It all starts with a customizable platform that streamlines every aspect of your business. Your agents will have everything they need right at their fingertips: information about each caller and company, current work queues, customized reports, phone numbers for every department. Give your agents what they need to run at maximum efficiency with a unified agent desktop from Novelvox Agent Accelerator Software.

Happier Customers:

Giving agents better tools to do their jobs makes them more productive and results in happier customers. By automating tedious tasks like transferring calls, saving call history, and offering common customer services, it’s easier for your agents to take care of your customers. When your agents aren’t buried under mountains of paperwork or struggling through web interfaces, they can devote time to solving problems for their customers; that helps you keep loyal fans and win new ones. And there are plenty of benefits for you as well: increased service levels, reduced labor costs (because automation means less hands-on support), and higher employee satisfaction—particularly when employees have a voice in deciding how they want to work day-to-day.


Faster and more efficient customer support via Unified Agent Desktop provides enhanced agent productivity, maximized customer satisfaction, and improved work-life balance for inbound contact center agents. Agents can now also enjoy real-time info updates, such as incoming emails/messages, and real-time analytics through an automatic update right into their dashboard, so that they are always aware of current activities and can respond faster to customers’ needs.

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