Tech Talk On JHA Integration

Tech Talk On JHA Integration

Tech talks are knowledge sharing sessions conducted bi-weekly at NovelVox. This week, we had a session on JHA Integration featuring JHA and Credit Unions and how NovelVox Agent Desktops relate to them. The session was conducted by Akhil Lamba on May 27, 2020.

About JHA

Jack Henry & Associates, Inc. is a provider of technology solutions and payment processing services primarily for the financial services industry. JHA provides ample products and services to its customers that help process financial transactions and automates businesses. It’s three brands – Jack Henry Banking, Symitar, and ProfitStars offer seamless financial services to financial institutions of all sizes. Businesses prevailing outside the financial industry are also offered custom services.

Credit Unions

A credit union is a kind of financial cooperative institution that offers traditional banking services to entities of all sizes. They are usually formed by large corporations and organizations for their members and are solely operated by their participants. What makes a Credit Union different from a traditional bank is its not-for-profit nature. They are not created to let the operators enjoy tax-exempt status.

Rather they run on a basic business model: Members pool their money by buying shares in the cooperative which in turn is utilized to provide loans, demand deposit accounts, and perform other financial operations. The income generated is used to fund projects and services to benefit the community and the interests of its members.

Credit Union Terminology

Associating with a Credit Union service requires knowledge of the following CU terminologies:

  • Member: Customer availing Credit Union financial service
  • Card: Credit card or debit card linked with a member account
  • Share: Member’s personal investments on share purchase
  • Loan: Similar to traditional loans that a customer lends from a bank
  • Social Security Number: Unique identification number of a member

JHA Integration – Integrating JHA Services to Credit Unions

JHA brands deal with a range of technology solutions of which NovelVox focuses on the following:

  • Episys Quest
  • SymXchange
  • Symitar Ease

Talking specifically about the services that SymXchange offers to pull customer data in the application are:

  • AccountService
  • EpisysInformationService
  • FileManagementService
  • FindByService
  • ParameterService
  • TransactionsService
  • UserService
  • UserManagementService
  • PowerOnService

NovelVox Agent Desktop for Credit Unions

Harnessing the capabilities of SymXchange services, NovelVox offers a unified agent desktop for Credit unions to enhance agent performance and improve the member experience. The Credit Union Agent Desktop allows agents to access member information such as account details, card summary, loan details, and more with seamless integration with Symitar, Fiserv, and more.

The desktop fetches the following information for a seamless member experience:

  • Member Information
  • Card(Debit/Credit) Detail
  • Share Management
  • File Maintenance History
  • Security Questions
  • Account Details
  • Loan Management
  • Fund transfer
  • Account Comments
  • Episys Quest Integration

To know more Credit Unions Agent Desktops, click here.

So, these were the valuable points that have been shared in the tech talk session by Akhil Lamba. NovelVoxians gained deep insights about JHA Integration Services and Credit Union Agent Desktops that will benefit them in a better understanding of the product and the processes involved.

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